Hairspray Your Lashes!~

Posted on November 9, 2011


Don’t you ever wish you could hairspray your lashes to hold the curl?

If you curl then apply mascara- the wetness of the mascara takes the curl away.
If you curl after mascara- You’re left with sticky lashes and an eyelash curler that’s covered in mascara.

Either way, it’s not a good situation. While we can’t literally hairspray our lashes (I tried.. don’t ask), here’s the next best thing.

  1. Apply clear mascara (by Cover Girl, Maybelline, or Jane Iredale) to dry uncurled top lashes. Apply both under and over top lashes.
  2. Wait until completely dried. You can apply makeup or style your hair while you wait..
  3. Once clear mascara is completely dried, curl your lashes as you normally would. Notice how easily they curl?! Separate your lashes if needed.
  4. Apply black mascara. Your lashes should hold the curl! :)

The clear mascara basically acts as a styling gel and holds the curl even when you apply another wet coat of mascara. No need to worry about breaking your lashes… unlike regular mascara, clear mascara won’t make your lashes brittle or hard even when it’s dry. So your lashes are safe… and beautifully curled.

On Left: Curled with clear mascara.
On Right: Curled but without clear mascara.
Already, you can see the definition in the lashes on the left while looking super natural! Also, ,the curl will hold a lot better throughout the day!

Happy eyelash curling everyone!~

**This is a tip a friend shared with me 0ver 10 years ago. Thanks HB for sharing ! xoxo.

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