Nail biter…

It was in  junior high when I decided that enough was enough. I made the conscious decision to stop biting my nails.
Why you ask? Was it because I finally realized how gross, disgusting, unsanitary, and ugly it was? Nope. Those reasons weren’t enough… I wanted to wear the sheer pink nail polish by hello kitty I had gotten for Christmas. So simple.

Now with the nail biting behind me, I can enjoy painting my nails 🙂
I know it’s winter, but I wanted to stay away from the opaque darker shades that are popular right now. I decided to go with “demure vix” by Essie. The picture doesn’t capture the color very well, but it’s a pretty sheer dusty rose color with a hint of purple and subtle iridescent shimmer.

It’s a perfect everyday color that you can wear throughout the year. It also goes really well with all the trending colors for fall and winter like: yellow, orange, brown, purple, burgundy, magenta, neutral and even some shades of blue!

What shade are you wearing this season? Any good suggestions? What are your year round go to colors?

Happy Painting!

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