24 Hour Color Tattoo.

Posted on January 3, 2012


I recently picked up 2 Color Tattoos by Maybelline and put it to the test. Would it really last 24 hours?

Here are the 2 colors I purchased. Both colors are very intense and opaque.The colors adhere almost immediately, so blending is a bit challenging.
Tough as Taupe (left): Very matte. I couldn’t wouldn’t wear this color alone. Probably would add some shimmer or use as a base color to  intensify another taupe/purple eyeshadow.
Audacious Asphalt (right): Some shimmer. The shimmer gives the steel gray color some dimension making it wearable alone or with other shadows.

24 Hour Challenge:

On New Years Eve, I swatched my arm and went about my day getting ready to host a NYE party. I didn’t pay attention to what my arm came into contact with, but it was really put to the test. I was moving all day!

I caved before the Color Tattoo did. After more than 12 hours, I wanted the swatches off my arm. I was defeated, but  impressed. The colors  lost a little bit of intensity, but not much.  I also noticed that that the glitter on Audacious Asphalt had rubbed off a little, so the gray color was more apparent than before. Because the eyeshadows are cream based and adhere so well, primer didn’t make a difference at all.

Properly named as Color Tattoo… If you’re looking for color that stays put. This is the eyeshadow for you. My only wish… more neutral colors with a little bit of shimmer or a satiny finish. This would make these shadows easier to wear. I’ll definitely have to go back to check out their color selections!~ Can’t wait to try them out.