Laugh lines or Frown lines? You choose!

We’ll all wrinkle one day (hopefully a long long time from now)… but I’d like to discuss premature aging and wrinkling caused by facial expressions, as well as what we can do about it…

Remember what your mother said when you made ugly faces? She probably told you to “Stop making those faces or it’ll freeze that way!” Well, sadly it’s kinda true.  As we get older, we lose collagen and our skin can’t bounce back like it used to. Ever notice someone with lines on their forehead? Or lines between their brows? If you’re constantly frowning or making ‘negative’ ugly faces… don’t be surprised when you wrinkle that way.

Premature lines can be caused by excessive facial expressions. These premature lines can of course make someone look older, what’s worse is that it stand out like a sore thumb because the skin and wrinkles are aging at different speeds. What I mean by this is if you see an old woman with saggy skin and wrinkles, you don’t think much of it. When you see a 20 or 30 something woman with premature wrinkles… the wrinkles stand out even more! There’s a mismatch of her real age and wrinkle age which can be alarming and eye catching in a bad way. 🙁

Here are some ways to delay premature wrinkles cause by excessive facial expressions.

  1. Watch: This is an awkward, but helpful exercise. The next time you’re on the phone, place a mirror in front of you and watch yourself talk. You may be surprised at the facial expressions you make. Make note of excessive negative facial expressions like squinting, frowning, or furrowing of your forehead, brows, eyes or mouth. Also, pay attention to other habits like holding your face in your hand which may create creases on our face. I’m guilty of this.
  2. Change: ‘Negative’ facial expressions and habits can cause unnecessary premature lines on your face and what’s worse… you may wrinkle permanently with frown lines instead of laugh lines! Use the mirror exercise to see if you make a lot of negative expressions and consider making small adjustments to your facial habits.
  3. Moisturize: Make sure your skin is moisturized day and night paying special attention to your concern areas.
  4. Eye Cream: If you’re over 18, I recommend applying eye cream day and night. Use your ring finger and tap/pat gently. No tugging please!~ This area is super thin and delicate.
  5. Water: Drink lots of water. This is actually my new years resolution. The skin is the largest organ and water make up more than 60% of your body. So any way you look at it… water is super duper important.

I know I’ll wrinkle eventually… but I choose to wrinkle with many  laugh lines. 🙂
Hope you’re having a great day!~