Urban Decay Naked and Naked2 Palette Visual Comparison

Posted on January 6, 2012


I FINALLY got my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette a few days ago! Naked 3 Review by PrettyGossip

I knew there would be a lot of similar colors to my original Naked palette but ordered Naked 2 anyway to do a comparison. I hope this post helps you decide if you’re thinking about getting Naked2 but already have Naked, or if you’re trying to decide which Naked palette to get.

Urban Decay: Naked (Original)

– 2 matte (naked and buck), 10 shimmery/satiny colors
– Colors on this palette are warmer than Naked2
– Brush included is nice too. :)
“Naked Palette’s long, lean, seductive case is packed with TWELVE gorgeous neutrals, including FIVE NEW shads, and includes our pro-quality Good Karma Shadow Brush.”

  • Virgin is a very pale shimmery (slightly frosty) nude beige.
  • Sin is pale pink with a frosty finish.
  • Naked is a matte medium beige-brown.
  • Sidecar is a shimmery medium bronze brown. It has slight red undertone.
  • Buck is a deeper beige-brown than Naked.
  • Half Baked is a coppery bronze with a frost-metallic finish.
  • Smog is a medium dark bronze.
  • Darkhorse is a deep chocolate brown with hints of bronze.
  • Toasted is a medium dark brown with a pink shimmery finish.
  • Hustle is a dark plum chocolate brown with a shimmer finish.
  • Creep is a blue-black shimmer with medium amount of glitter.
  • Gunmetal is a blue toned metallic gray.


Urban Decay: Naked 2

– 3 matte (foxy, tease, blackout), 9 shimmery/satiny colors, 5 of which are new and exclusive to this palette (marked with a *)
– Colors on this palette are a bit more taupe-y.
– Double ended brush which I love!
“Naked2 has 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows, including FIVE NEW shades”

Comparison Grid

I’m a visual learner and needed to see the comparison side by side. Below, I tried to match up similar colors between the palettes. I kept Naked’s order as is and broke up Naked2’s order to line the colors up with their Naked match. If there’s no match, I just left the space blank.

Here’s the comparison breakdown:

  • 6 Very similar colors
  • 1 Color repeat (Half Baked)
  • So 7 out of 12 colors are very similar if not the same!
  • You’re basically getting 5 ‘new’ or different color (including exclusive: Pistol) in the Naked 2 palette if you already have Naked.
  • The one thing I really liked about Naked2 that Naked didn’t have is Blackout: a true black. Naked has Creep and Gunmetal which can also does the job, but it’s not a dark black.

Comparison Swatches

The swatches are ordered as they appear in the comparison grid above!~
(I really packed on the color in the swatches below to show you how they look and compare to each other. You can wear the colors more sheer or build up as seen below)Interesting, but some of the colors look different from it’s match in the sun!

Below are the five Naked 2 colors that didn’t have a match from the original Naked palette. So basically these are the ‘new’ colors found in Naked 2.

Overall conclusion:

I love these palettes. I haven’t used Naked 2 much yet, so as of right now… Naked is still my favorite because I’m comfortable with it. ..

“I already have Naked”

  • If you already have Naked, I don’t recommend paying another $50 for Naked 2.
  • If you’re interested in the 5 ‘new’ colors in Naked 2, not found in Naked… Think about it this way- Paying $50 for 5 new Urban Decay shades isn’t bad!

“I don’t have a palette yet. Which one should I get?”

  • Both palettes have colors that are super wearable for everyday and are build-able for a more dramatic look, so you can’t go wrong with either choice.
  • If you travel a lot though, I suggest Naked2 because the metal case is more suitable for travel. Plus the double ended brush is really handy to have. Oh… and the little lip gloss that comes with the palette is so cute, and a color I would actually wear! So maybe the stronger construction, double ended brush, and the mini lipgloss is worth the $2 bucks?!? 😉 Decision decisions….

(*Update: After talking with a friend recently… I decided that I personally would get Naked if I didn’t have either. I just can’t imagine being without Virgin, Dark Horse, Sidecar, and Smog. But honestly, you can’t go wrong so don’t stress!~  )

I hope my Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 Palette Comparison has been helpful! So… which Naked palette will you be getting?!

Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out. xo

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