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Posted on February 4, 2012


If you’re a mommy of a little one, you’ll definitely be interested in Hot Tot! If you’re not a mommy of a little one, keep Hot Tot in mind~ they make great gifts! I’m always a supporter of small(er) sized businesses and love finding good items in the overwhelming chaos of beauty products…  so I’m doubly excited to share this company and review with you. Plus, they are Cruelty Free (woot woot!~). Extra brownie points for sure.

I got some sample packets of Hot Tot’s Stucture Whip and Styling Gel and shared them with my mommy friends to try, since I don’t have any little ones of my own. My friend (Jane) was nice enough to try out Structure Whip and Styling Gel on her adorable little boy (Christian) and give me feedback!

Here’s a little about Hot Tot from their website:
“Hot Tot produces safe and naturally based salon-quality styling products for tots, so they can be stylish from the start and grow into confident individuals. We will lead by example, as we know that a key element to true beauty is a kind and giving heart. We will give a sizeable portion of our proceeds to well-deserving children’s charities. We will implement eco-friendly practices to do our part in caring for our planet, as we want to give the Earth to our children in the best possible state.


Structure Whip: $18 (click to buy)

Hot Tot’s website: “Hot Tot Structure Whip is a workable cream that adds texture, separation and flexible hold for tots with serious style. Our unique formula is perfect for spikey styles, barrettes, ponytails, and cowlicks.”

Jane’s thoughts:

  • With both products I wet Christian’s hair first and then spiked it up with the product.  This is the standard protocol when I do his hair.  =D With the products I normally use, the spikes stay up for a couple of hours but after his nap you can’t tell at all that I ever did his hair.  Sometimes, if I really want his hair to stay up for a while, I have to blow dry and put some hairspray in as well.
  • I first wet Christian’s hair first and then spiked it up using Hot Tot’s Structure Whip. I liked the consistency a lot. It was like a cream, and wasn’t too sticky and was easy to manipulate.  Didn’t need a whole lot either.  As you can see  the spikes stayed up pretty well throughout the day.
  • I was impressed with how long the spikes stayed up and even though it was messed up after his nap you can still see remnants of the spikes.  I also liked how it did not leave white debris in his hair.  Some gels/products leave white stuff.  :(



Few hours later: Still going strong.

Styling Gel $15 (click to buy)

Hot Tot’s website: “Hot Tot Styling Gel keeps curls touchable and soft.  Our medium-hold formula tames frizz and flyaways without feeling sticky or stiff.”

Jane’s thoughts:

  • This product was very watery and was a bit difficult to apply. More watery than I’m used to for gel.  I had to respike certain areas in the front because even after I applied the gel the first time a few strands wouldn’t stay up.  I had to really work on those few strands to get them to stay up.  The spikes looked ok after, but they were not staying up as well as with the Structure Whip.
  • The smell was stronger than I expected.  It smelled more like chemicals than I thought it would.  Couldn’t pinpoint what the smell reminded me of but it was stonger than I thought it would be.  Throughout the day, the smell disappeared.



2 Hours later:

Jane’s Final Thoughts
I would totally use the Structure Whip…but it’s pretty pricey at $18 a jar.  But then again…  I was thinking of getting Tigi’s Molding Wax which is about the same price. So I guess if I’m willing to buy Tigi, I would buy Hot Tot’s Structure Whip, especially since it’s free of all the chemicals found in normal hair styling products!


My Final Thoughts

Thank you Jane for the sharing your review and for the pictures!~ (ps. Christian… Auntie loves you!)
Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Although I didn’t have a little one to try the products on, I did take a look at the product. I too liked the consistency of Structure Whip. It’s a great product if you’re looking for control, which is great for Christian’s spiky look. The product smelled a bit like baby powder.
  • Sounds like the Styling Gel just doesn’t have the holding power of Structure Whip or a traditional styling gel. I would describe the consistency as a thick serum, and not so much as a gel. I would probably recommend the Styling Gel as an anti-frizz for wavy/curly hair.  I used it on my curls and it was great at preventing frizz, and was able to hold my curls while keeping them soft! This product smelled a bit ‘chemically’ as Jane describes.
  • Overall, I think Hot Tot is a great alternative to using regular adult hair car products on your little ones. You know you’re using safe products without the unhealthy chemicals that most haircare products may have. Knowing the kinds of products (organic/natural/etc)  and money (way too much) I use and spend on my dog… I know I’ll be a Hot Tot VIP when/if I have kids. :)

Thank you Hot Tot for the sample packets and thank you Jane for reviewing the products!~

Hot Tot Website. Click here.
Products Available Here: Structure Whip: $18 |  Styling Gel $15

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