Sampling: Birchbox and Beauty Army

Posted on February 13, 2012


I just got my Birchbox and I must say that I’m a little peeved. I know some beauty bloggers do posts about their boxes every month, but I chose not to. I figured you don’t want to just see everything I got in the boxes, but rather you’re more interested in the performance of the products. So I planned on doing posts of items I loved or hated from these sample service (just haven’t had time to properly sample them yet, but that’s a different issue).

Today, I’m not going to do a post of the products… but rather about the sample services: Birchbox and Beauty Army.

Birchbox: January 2012 ($10)
I wasn’t impressed, but thought it was okay. The only thing I liked was the Zoya nail polish, which I’ve shared photos of on Facebook.


Beauty Army: January 2012 ($12)
Not quite being impressed with Birchbox, I subscribed to Beauty Army. I was actually able to choose the samples I wanted. There weren’t a ton of items to choose from, but at least I had a say so. Although I knew what I was getting, I was still pleasantly pleased! Generous sized samples that I was actually interested in using. Whether I like the product or not is not the issue… the point is that there’s actual content in the box and substance to the size of the samples.


Birchbox: February 2012 ($10)
Then here’s where I get all angry… I was really hoping it would redeem itself. I was rooting for them, but alas they let me down big time. The sizes are either too small, or the items don’t live up to the $10 worth of samples… Also, what’s up with the chocolate? How is this a beauty product?!


The moral of this ranting: If you’re debating between Beauty Army and Birchbox…  I would say go with with Beauty Army.
Sorry Birchbox… please don’t hate me. This is not an official breakup… it’s just a “I need time away.” I know some people have gotten some really cool stuff with Birchbox, but I just haven’t had any luck. I will keep an ear and eye open for you, but until the quality and quantity improves, I’ll be with Beauty Army for these reasons: Choice in my samples, better sizes, and better box quality (literally… the box itself is better quality).

What sample services have you tried that you were happy with? Let me know!~

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