Digital Perm

Posted on February 16, 2012


I shared this photo on Twitter and Facebook about a month ago and a few of you have asked for the “after” photos.

Looks intense, right? I just went in for a haircut and got talked into getting what Koreans refer to as a “Digital Perm.”

Here’s the play by play:
1) Wash and apply perming solution onto straight damp hair. Heat hair and wait about 30 minutes for solution to penetrate hair.
2) Wash off perming solution. Dry with blow dryer.
3) Roll slightly damp hair into rollers and DRENCH in hair conditioning treatment. Attach plugs into each roller and heat for about 30 minutes.
4) Unplug rollers. Apply neutralizer and wait to neutralize perming solution.
5) Unroll rollers and wash hair. A little snip snip, 3.5 hours and ~$180 later, I’m finally done!

Here’s a BEFORE (with the help of Kinky Moves)

AFTER (without any products)
Check out my little “twisted” no heat hair trick I use to enhance my waves without any heat or styling products!~ :

I’m very happy with the perm and have gotten many compliments on it! My hair is not damaged at all which was great. The hair treatment + heat really conditioned my hair. My hair still feels soft, but I’m sure cutting an inch off helped. 😉

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me!~Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out!

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