Gently Peel… with Glamtox

I discovered Rodial while perusing through the Bloomingdales’ Space NK section. The shiny packaging of Rodial drew me in and I was intrigued. (Yes, I’m a sucker for packaging) Glamtox Peel by Rodial: a 10 minute face lifting mask that “reduces fine lines and fades age spots.” Tried to take photos of the shiny packaging and box: total FAIL. (Thanks Space NK for the photo)

“This silver tube contains your 10 minute mini facelift, no recovery needed. In the age of doctor’s office chemical peels and cosmetic surgery, Rodial captures nature’s power in effective skincare. This lifting and decongesting clay mask boosts collagen production, firms the skin and has an instant line smoothing and filling effect. The Rodial Glamtox Peel at Space NK works to safely resurface your skin. It contains LaraCare™, a revolutionary ingredient that firms, lifts and reduces the appearance of fine lines, and argireline to relax contracted muscles. Also featuring fruit acids to help refine, even your skin tone and reduce age spots, this peel illuminates and brightens your complexion. The formula has a base of French clay that purifies and reduces pore size, and helps prevent spot formation.” ($90 for 1.7 fl oz)

Here’s a storyboard of how to use the product.

My thoughts:

TINGLE: My face started to tingle after a 1-2 minutes of putting a thin layer of the mask on. It wasn’t stinging … just tingling. I have sensitive skin so I was afraid the tingling would leave my face bright red from irritation, but it didn’t! If anything it was slightly red from rubbing off the dried mask… but the redness quickly disappeared (notice on the 4th picture… my arm skin is a bit red from the rubbing). My recommendation is to take your time and GENTLY rub off in small circular motions.

RUB: I got most of the mask off by rubbing, but had to wash to get the remaining 20% off. It washed off easily which made me wonder why I couldn’t do that from the start. But here’s why… the rubbing motion actually exfoliates and ‘peels’ the skin leaving it clean, exfoliated and smooth. Also, the massaging motion stimulates collagen renewal which helps with the fine lines and wrinkles. Always a plus right?

CLEAN + SMOOTH: My skin felt super clean and smooth. “Peels” scare me because they’re usually so (!) harsh. Many times I’ve had to wash other peels off before the recommended time due to the stinging and burning. I honestly was a little hesitant with this mask too, but am pleased at the effectiveness and gentleness of the product. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a peel so it’s ‘harsher’ than moisturizing masks and such… but if you’re looking for a solid yet gentle peel + exfoliate, I recommend this.

As for the promise of getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles… (thankfully) I don’t think I have enough wrinkles to notice a difference. I’m sure if I was 10 years older, I’d notice more of a difference. In any case, the peeling and exfoliation will help as a preventative measure. For now, I’m just happy that the mask left my face feeling clean and smooth.

I RECOMMEND: I recommend this peel to all skin types looking for a gentle peel. Due to the rubbing that’s needed to remove the mask, I probably would stay away if you’re experiencing painful acne. It’s recommended to use once a week, but my skin is sensitive and thin, so I’ll probably only use the Glamtox Peel once every other week. Alternating weeks, I’ll continue to use my Bliss Rubberizing Mask and sometimes switch it up with a Korean mask (reviews to come).


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