Gorgeous Soft Waves with No Heat

Posted on February 29, 2012


Hello Beautiful!~

Here’s a easy hair trick I’ve been using for years. This simple hair trick requires no heat or products, but is a great way to enhance your curls/waves and eliminate frizz. Scroll down to see instructions and tips on how it can even work for straight hair! Good luck~

For wavy/curly hair: This trick works best on slightly wavy to curly hair to enhance the waves. I didn’t use any products before or after in the pictures above, but using a little curling cream before or hairspray after will help hold the curls too. Remember, that the key to this trick is allowing your hair to finish drying in the twists.

For straight hair: If you have straight hair and want waves/curls, twist as pictured and clips the ends togerther in front of you. You should look like you’re wearing your hair as a necklace. Still not working? Click over to my other Beachy Waves with No Heat Tutorial. This one works WONDERS;)

In a hurry?: Dry your hair with a dryer a bit before twisting. This will cut down the dry time and maximize your curls! I sometimes let my hair air dry and when my hair is just slightly damp… that’s when I’ll start twisting. The key to this hair trick is allowing your hair to finish drying in the twists.

Happy Twisting Everyone!

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