Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Mask

I got a small sample of Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Mask at the mall and after one try, I’m hooked. I thought Rodial’s Glamtox Peel (rub off mask) was great, but Rodial’s Snake Mask (peel off mask) is amazing! This comes as a surprise because I usually dislike peel off masks. I find most of them to be drying, offer little results, and never peel off the way I think they should… but Glamoxy Snake Mask totally delivered!

Glamoxy Snake Mask ($83 for 50 mL) “Deep cleanse and decongest your pores while you deliver potent firming and anti-ageing ingredients to your skin with this jet black mask. You literally peel away this innovative formula to reveal a more radiant complexion. Use it when you want fresher, brighter, younger-looking skin. It contains the same revolutionary oxygenated, viper-inspired neuropeptide to help lift your face, freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to enriched minerals to purify and remove excess oil, dirt and impurities. The Rodial Snake Mask also boasts amino acids and liquorice to help brighten your skin tone. Available at Space NK, the mask includes pomegranate tannins to protect and prevent future damage.”

Directions: Apply a generous amount of the mask onto your clean face avoiding your eye area and hairline. Leave on 15-20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. Gentle peel off from the outer edges… preferably starting at the chin and peeling upwards. Use once (dry skin) or twice a week.

Here are my observations:

Consistency: Very thick, gooey and looks like black glue.
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Peel Off Mask
Smell: Neither good or bad. Due to the fragrance, my eyes were initially irritated. This happens to me a lot so I wasn’t alarmed, just thankful that the irritation went away very very quickly. I’m mentioning this because it happened to me, but it probably won’t happen to you… I just have sensitive eyes. 🙁

Feel: Sticky but feels cool on the skin

Ease of use: This mask was a little difficult to apply because it was very gooey. The good news is that the mask dries into a rubbery film that peels off very easily. I was able to peel off the mask in one piece without much residue left on my face! Amazing.
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Peel Off Mask Easy to Peel
Effectiveness: After I peeled off the mask, my face was slightly pink (see arrow) but my skin was SO clean and smooth. I get (at minimum) slightly pink with almost all hardening/drying masks, but if you don’t have sensitive skin… you shouldn’t have any issues. The slight redness I experienced wasn’t an issue because it went away very quickly. 🙂 (btw… If you have sensitive skin, you have to try my favorite mask of all time by Bliss)
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Peel Off Mask

Overall thoughts: I’ve tried a lot of peel off masks, but Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Mask tops them all!~ Peels off easily and leaves your skin clean and smooth!  I have dry skin so I’d probably limit this mask to once a week. If you have normal to oily skin, twice a week should be good. 😉

What masks do you love? Let me know which ones I should try next!~

Product in this post: Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Mask ($83):  Nordstrom | Skinstore

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  1. Jenn
    March 22, 2012 / 9:42 pm

    I have the black luminizing mask from boscia. Sounds like it does essentially the same thing but at a 1/4 of the price…found it at sephora and love it!

  2. princessgigi
    March 22, 2012 / 6:21 am

    Wow that sounds fabulous. I hope to try that and the snake serume one of these days!