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Posted on April 12, 2012


I posted this photo on my Facebook and Instagram and asked all of you which you liked better. Most of you chose the Salon Effects from Sally Hansen over the OPI Trend Tips. I liked that one too :)

Is it just me, or did anyone else immediately think of the movie “Nacho Libre” upon seeing the Sephora nail design?! Maybe it’s just me. 😉

Here’s how I applied the stickers, and I’ll do a overall comparison recap at the end!

This is Sephora by OPI’s Trend Tips ($12). Comes with 16 stickers (2 strips of 8) for basically 1 manicure.
I’ve pictured the stickers with my nails to show the scale. I should probably note that I have small nails.

This is Sally Hansens‘ kit. Comes also with 16 stickers (2 strips of 8).
This kit also comes with a little 3 surface file/buffer and stick that comes in handy when cleaning up the sides of the nail.

Sally Hansen and OPI are the same exact size.

Be sure to get the clear film off before peeling off the sticker and applying to your nail.

Obvious, but nails should be clean and unpolished. (Don’t mind my green polish :) )
I had to somewhat carefully position the sticker since it had a specific design.

Why did I choose a sticker too big for my nail? Well, I wanted to test how easy it was to file away and also, I thought it would be easier to fill off something big rather than to trying to file off something that’s small.
My logic is that it’s easier to cut off a large piece of paper than to try and cut a small thin strip of paper. Hope this makes sense. 😉 Unless I can find a sticker that matches my nail base and sides perfectly… I’d do it this way again.

Start by filing the tip of the nail away then work your way to the sides which can be a bit more challenging.

I recommend using a fine filing board. A course filing board may file away large chunks of the sticker leaving you with jagged edges. Hope this makes sense… if not, leave a comment below or tweet me.

I used a toothpick to ‘cut’ away the sides. Sally Hansen comes with a pointed stick which I think works better than a toothpick. Take your time with this… I found this to be the most challenging.

Repeat for all your nails and BOOM! Lacy nails~

Overall Thoughts:

Application: Believe it or not, I used to do this with correction tape and scotch tape when I was younger… so the concept wasn’t new to me. Did I think it was faster than applying regular polish? Not for me, but you just save the drying time… although since I’ve been using Seche Vite, the drying time is very minimal. :)

Also, while you can correct or redo a mistake with nail polish, you can’t with this. If you rip or file off too much… unless you have another sticker to use, you’re out of luck. Also, forget about touch ups.

Quality and Price: Sephora’s version ($12) was slightly better in quality: stickiness, thickness, and ease of filing off. I think Sallly Hansen ($9) was good too, but just letting you know there was a slight difference

If you have small nails like me, you can actually cut the stickers in half and get 2 manicures out of them! Just be sure to cut them before peeling the stickers off the backing, I’ve noticed they lose their stickiness when exposed to air a little.

Durability: Mine lasted almost 5 days before I had to remove them. Some of the ends started to lift off/peel off in small chunks starting day 2, but I’m not very careful with my nails so that could be why. I kept getting parts of the stickers caught on my hair when I washing it. The good news is that the sticker won’t come off all in one chunk if it gets caught on something… I’ll break off in pieces, so you’ll never be left with one completely bare nail. :)

I can get my regular nail polish to last about 1 week with Seche Vite with the option of doing touch ups, so don’t think these stickers have the upper hand on durability. Also, after about a week, the growth of you natural nail would show at the base of your nail so you probably want to remove the sticker anyways… speaking of which~

Removal: Impressed at how easy it was to remove. Nail polish remover dissolved the polish like normal nail polish.

Repurchase?: This was a fun nail project, but unfortunately… I’m don’t think I would purchase again unless there was an intricate design that I LOVED~ that I couldn’t replicate myself. I selected the lace design because it’s something I couldn’t ‘draw’ on my small nails. Sometimes, I really wish my nails were bigger… a bigger “canvas” would make nail art easier.

Recommendation: I would recommend these to people who have a difficult time painting their nails, or for people who wants to sport a super intricate design that can’t be done free hand or by stamping. For the rest of us… spend the $9-$12 on a new polish. It’ll last longer~

Hope this is helpful to you. Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out!~

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