Sneak Peek Into A Lip Gloss Hoarder’s Bag

Posted on April 16, 2012


As I promised, here’s a sneak peek into my purse!

Have you noticed that the bigger your bag is, the more stuff/junk/trash you end up lugging around? My shoulders were pleading for mercy, so I decided to lighten the load by carrying a smaller purse… a clutch actually!

I love my Zeta clutch by Melie Bianco ($52) because it comes with a removable strap! The pictures below are with all the items in the clutch. Notice that the clutch is big enough to store all my items without losing it’s shape or looking too bulky. :)

When I emptied the clutch to take photos… I was surprised (and embarrassed) to see how many lip products I managed to hoard in my clutch! Here’s what I had in my purse as of yesterday.

FRONT POCKET:  Yikes… I had 9 lip products, one of which is a lip balm I made (shown in the little pink pot)! I’ll provide swatches of each lip gloss below. My favorite hand lotion right now by OPI Avoplex. Also, my favorite pressed powder of all time: ACH Intense Contour Powder in No. 2. I’m on the hunt for a substitute because this pressed powder doesn’t come cheap ($80!). My keys also Moo cards (rectangular pink case) also live in the front pocket.

BACK POCKET: I keep my Lodis wallet and car key in the back pocket because it’s the flatter of the two pockets. The Lodis wallet is perfect for a clutch because it’s very slim and flat.  I also keep my iPhone in this pocket too.

For those interested in the lip glosses I’m carrying around… here they are from left to right:

  • Revlon Lip Butter: I previously reviewed Berry Smoothie, and couldn’t wait to try out Peach Parfait. As I expected, I like Peach Parfait a lot more! Runs about $7. (Thanks M.S. for getting me this!)
  • MAC Cremesheen Glass: Thought I couldn’t wear ‘nude’ lip colors because they all seemed to wash me out… until I tried this one! Fashion Whim is the perfect nude color for me because it has a touch of pink. No plumping agent and smells like all MAC lip products do. The consistency is much thinner than the Buxom, so no stickiness what so ever. Price is $19. (Thank you M.K. for this lip gloss!)
  • Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie: Buxom lip glosses are exclusively available at Sephora, so Bare Minerals made a similar lip gloss that can be sold in their own stores (and ironically also in Sephoras)! Similar feel and consistency as the Buxoms, just a different scent. Moxie smells like mint, and the Buxoms smell sweeter. Shown in Spark Plug and is $18.
  • Buxom Lip Tarnish: This lip stain comes in the form of a creamy and soft lip pencil. I typically don’t like lip stains because they are drying, but I really like this one because it’s very moisturizing even though it’s a pencil and stain. It provides a punch of color and is longer lasting than regular lip glosses too. Also, love the built in sharpener! Shown in Scandal and is $18.
  • NYX Lipliner: For just $3.50, this is a great lip liner. It’s not the best lip liner I’ve used… but it’s pretty good!  Highly recommend this liner and can’t wait to try out some more of their products. Shown in Mauve.
  • Buxom: Ya’ll know how I feel about these. If you don’t, please see review here. :)
  • Soap and Glory: Mother Pucker XL Extreme: Not swatched because it’s clear. This lip plumper is INTENSE. It makes my lips (literally) tingle and strangely, I’m addicted to it. I find it moisturizing so I’ve been using this a lot these days, and love making my friends try it out too… Most of them are shocked at how tingly their lips get. :) As far as the plumping effect, it’s not miraculous or anything… but I do think if fills in the fine lines on my lips. Costs $15 and is now available at Sephora.
  • Supergoop Lip Balm Mintfusion: I didn’t swatch this one either because it’s clear. I carry this lip balm around because it has a spf of 30! I like the non greasy formula which has a nice mint fragrance. I personally need a little more moisture than what this lip balm provides on it’s own, so I like to put it over my other lip glosses. This way, I get some color, additional moisture and protection from the sun. :) Costs $8.50.

So there you have it. A look into my purse. Nothing staged, no preparation… just as is. If you’d like more details about any of the products you saw in my bag, please leave me a comment! A special thanks to Melie Bianco for gifting me such a beautiful clutch!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday~ Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out.

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