Snail Cream- Latest Beauty Craze

Posted on April 30, 2012


Last week, I wrote my first article on Refinery29 and alerted everyone of the latest beauty trend in Korea: Snail Cream! Today, I’m happy to give you all a review of the actual cream and share some thoughts on it.

I first heard about Snail Cream from a friend, while we were pretty gossiping :) about our skincare routines. Her sister brought her a jar of Snail Cream from Korea, and she said it cleared up her skin and has healed the scars that were left behind from her acne. I was (naturally) grossed out at the thought of putting snail slime on my face. But… I was intrigued. Could this slimey goo really be magical?!

I got this gift set for $70 at a local Korean makeup store.

If you don’t have access to a Korean beauty supply store near you, this is an online store that carries snail cream. Buy here.

Let’s break it down~

Smell: Not gonna lie, I was hesitant to smell it… but not bad at all! Wasn’t sure what I was expecting, since I don’t know how snail slime smells like, but all the snail creams and gels I’ve come across thus far has smelled pleasant and fresh.

Consistency: I bought snail gel instead of the cream because the sales person recommended the gel’s lighter formula for the summer. She said that snail cream is usually too rich, thick and sticky (yuck- reminder that it’s snail slime) for the hot months.

Moisture: Reorom’s Snail Gel is very soft and moisturizing compared to other types of non-snail gels including Khiel’s (Oil Free Gel) and Clinique (Moisture Surge).

Initially: The gel made my skin was very soft and dewy… almost felt like a barrier had formed over my skin (kind of like when you put a silicon based face primer).

After absorption: The gel took a while to absorb into the skin and even after absorption, I felt like there was a film (non sticky) left on my skin.

I’d probably only use this gel in the evening because of the film feeling that it leaves behind. I wish I had gotten the snail cream vs. snail gel. I have dry skin, so even though the gel is pretty hydrating, cream is probably better as a night time moisturizer.

Other Observations: Not sure if this is a Reorom, Gel, or all snail product issue… but as I was putting it on my face, I could tell there was a lot of alcohol in the product.  I looked in the ingredients and sure enough… after “Snail secretion filtrate” the second ingredient was alcohol. Also, the product wasn’t as sticky as I expected.

Overall Thoughts: Once I saw and tested the product, I wasn’t grossed out anymore. At the same time, I wasn’t wowed by the product either.

If you’ve tried everything for acne or problematic skin and are looking for a new solution… I think snail gel or cream is worth a shot. If you don’t have these concerns, no reason to try snail goo on your face… unless you’re just curious! 😉

 In regards to the ‘film’ feeling it left behind… I’m wondering if this is just with the Gel version. I think I will pick up the Snail Cream and test that out. I’ll keep you posted.

The gift set I purchased came with a Snail Eye Cream. I’ll do a review of this another time.

So I’ll ask the questions I asked on Refinery29…

What do you think of snail cream? Are you ready to get slimey in the name of beauty, or is this just craze-y gross?

Leave a comment below or tweet me your thoughts! Btw… another giveaway starts soon, so be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out!

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