Goodbye Smile Lines. Hello Smiles.

Posted on May 26, 2012


Saying goodbye to smile lines is REALLY something to smile about! Today, I tried a hydration mask specifically made for the area around the mouth and was so impressed, I had to share it with you asap!
“Dedicated anti-wrinkle patch cares for wrinkles around the mouth (smile lines) by fundamentally caring for factors causing smile lines and preventing progression to deep wrinkles. Natural essence ingredient revitalizes the skin and boosts elasticity to erase aging-related signs.” Available at $6.50

Here’s why I LOVE this mask:

  1. Easy to use. No dripping.
  2. High quality gel pads become like 2nd skin and provide a ton of hydration.
  3. The soft mesh within the gel pad holds the patch together, preventing it from falling apart.
  4. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.
  5. Neat packaging. The mask comes in a sleeve that looks like a card, so it’s perfect as a gift.
  6. Cruelty free, no preservative, and unscented.
  7. I have dry skin which is prone to fine lines and wrinkles. The mask was able to seal in hydration and smooth away signs of fine lines.

The only downside is that each mask costs $6.50, which seems like a lot considering you can get a full face mask for about the same price. But then again… other sheet face masks never get into the tight area around the mouth and nose. I personally think this mask is worth it and recommend it.

To use, just open the package and peel off the transparent film. Then apply the smooth side of the patch onto the skin. Remove after 20-40 minutes, and you can follow-up with serum and moisturizer!

So glad I got to try this Bear mask! Now, I can’t wait to try the Panda (under eye) and Sea Otter (neck) masks!

Which masks are you crazy about?!

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