Fake a Glow Job with Soap and Glory!

Hello Everyone!~

Have you heard of Soap and Glory? You might have seen them showing up at some Sephora stores. They’re a cheeky U.K. brand that offers popular products like Righteous Butter Body Butter (which I haven’t tried, but can’t wait to get my hands on), Sexy Mother Pucker (an amazing lip plumper), and Flake Away (a delicious body smoothing polish). Super cute names right? Well, their products are actually pretty awesome too!

Today I’ll review Glow Job (go ahead, they encourage giggling). It’s a light daily facial moisture lotion that leaves a subtle and healthy tanned glow. (Available at Sephora for $25)

This two-in-one moisturizing lotion and temporary self-tanner features micro Bronzeburst™ Beads that pop when you massage them, leaving you looking, healthy, refreshed, and just ever so slightly sun-kissed. For those ‘in the nose,’ it smells like sweet orange peel oil and vanilla. Glow Job’s moisture payoff is suitable for all skin types, although very dry skin types may wish to layer more moisture under. It provides a temporary, lightly tanned glow level that lasts until you wash it off. (Available here for $25)

The weather has been amazing in Los Angeles and I find myself wanting to be outdoors most days. I probably go a bit overboard on the sunscreen and am always shading my face from the sun… but that doesn’t mean I want to stay ghostly white during the summer. Glow Job is the perfect solution for me. I can fake a tan for my face without the commitment of a self tanner!~

Just to be clear, Glow Job is not like a bb cream or foundation. It’s not made to provide coverage or hide flaws. It’s a moisturizer that gives a sheer glow, making you look like your face was sun kissed! Here’s a before and after of my cheek. Notice how my face on the right looks bronzed/sun-kissed? 🙂

Below is a picture that shows the “bronzeburst beads” literally bursting as you apply the moisturizer. The bronze color goes on sheer, so there’s no worries about it looking unnatural. It just looks like you got a light tan.

Below is a picture of the lotion applied in the shape of a rectangle. Can you see the patch on my arm? I didn’t rub in the lotion all the way to demonstrate that the bronzeburst beads actually do give a bronzed look. With a little more rubbing, you’re left with a natural looking, subtle tan.


  • Glow. Like the product name cleverly suggests, it does a great job at providing a healthy glow to the skin.
  • Natural. I love using Glow Job when I’m headed to the beach, a farmer’s market, or whenever I want a uber natural look and glow. Powder bronzers are great, but they can leave you looking powdered and made up. Glow Job is like the perfect liquid bronzer, giving you color without the matte look.
  • No Commitment. Unlike self tanners, you can just simply wash off Glow Job. It’s really a great temporary way to give your skin a healthy sun-kissed glow.
  • Moisturizing. If you have oily to combination skin, Glow Job may be used in lieu of your daytime moisturizer. If you have dry skin like me, I recommend using Glow Job over a moisturizer. Also, I should note that Glow Job doesn’t sit on top of the skin like a traditional foundation… It feels like it absorbs into the skin like a moisturizer would. No heaviness or cakey-ness. 🙂


  • Sunscreen. I really wish Glow Job had a build in sunscreen. But I will say that since I use Glow Job on my uber natural days, I don’t mind applying an additional layer of sunscreen. Also, I’m usually headed to the beach or outdoors when I use Glow Job, so even if it had a build in sunscreen… (unless it was over SPF 35+ with a PA ++) I probably would apply another layer of sunscreen anyways, so guess it doesn’t matter. <;shrug>;

Bottom line: If you’re pale like me and don’t want the commitment of a sunless tanner, you must get Soap & Glory Glow Job! Fake a natural tan and give your skin the extra boost in radiance and glow! Just don’t forget to layer with a sunscreen!

Until next time, stay pretty.. inside and out! xo

What’s your favorite way to achieve a sun-kissed glow?!

ps… Over the weekend, I celebrated my birthday and felt especially blessed this year because of all the amazing Pretty Gossipers I’ve come across since starting this blog. So, I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and for coming back to gossip, comment, share and learn with me! I heart and appreciate you all! xoxo