L’Oreal BB Cream: Magic Skin Beautifier

Posted on July 9, 2012


Looks like L’Oreal is as obsessed with BB Creams as I am! They’ve got 2 BB Creams out in the market~ Youth Code BB Cream (review here) and Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. I was also surprised to learn that these two BB Creams are very different from each other! Please keep reading to see my complete review of L’Oreal’s Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream.

According to L’Oreal: This multi-tasking beautifying cream delivers multiple beautifying actions: primes, hydrates, corrects, evens and perfects. It’s ultra lightweight and blends in seamlessly for a perfect natural finish.

My observations:

  • Price: $10.95 for 1 oz. (available here)
  • Shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Deep
  • Smell: Very very subtle fragrance.
  • Color: “Fair” matches my skin tone. The BB Cream is self adjusting, so it starts out white. As the cream is worked into the skin, the color will appear.
  • Moisture: This product does not offer moisture. Might be a good option for oily/combination skin. Depending on how oily your skin is, you may or may not want to use a moisturizer under the BB Cream. If you have dry skin and are looking for a drugstore brand BB Cream, check out Garnier’s Skin Renew and L’Oreal’s Youth Code BB Creams.
  • Sun Protection: None :( (Please read this post to learn the importance of sunblock)
  • Coverage: The coverage is very sheer. Although the cream didn’t cover blemishes, it did smooth out some of the unevenness. In my opinion, this BB Cream feels and acts more like a tinted primer with a matte finish than a traditional BB Cream. If you’re looking for a heavier coverage, I recommend Smashbox’s BB Cream or a traditional foundation.

  • Consistency: Doesn’t look or feel like a traditional BB Cream. The initial consistency is gritty… like a toothpaste with baking soda (especially since the cream comes out of the tube white). As you work the BB Cream into your skin, the grittiness and whiteness disappears and the color/coverage appears. My guess is that there are tiny color beads that cause the gritty consistency and as those color beads break, the color appears. It can take a bit of rubbing to get rid of the grittiness and whiteness, so I recommend breaking down the cream on your fingertips before applying it to your face.

  • Finish: The best part of The Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream is the matte finish appropriately dubbed as the “Flawless Bare Skin Finish” by L’Oreal. If you have oily or combination skin, this may work very well for you.

Overall Thoughts:

  • Pros: It has a great natural matte finish you’ll probably love during the hot summer months! If you have oily/combination skin and are looking for a drugstore brand BB Cream with very lightweight coverage, give this BB Cream a try.
  • Cons: I’m disappointed that this BB Cream does not offer the skin care benefits of a traditional Asian BB Cream including anti-oxidants, moisture, brightening, anti-aging, firming, etc. The self-adjusting aspect of the cream is cool… but you have to really work the cream to get all the gritty/whiteness out. Also, due to the grittiness, you won’t be able to apply with a foundation brush. I’ve found that it’s best to warm/work the cream between your fingertips before applying it to your face.

If you have oily skin and want sheer coverage with a matte finish, this is definitely worth giving a try. If you have dry skin like me… it’s a “maybe” in the summer, and a definite “pass” in the winter.

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