{Soap & Glory} Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump

This post is long overdue… I’ve been enjoying this product for quite some time and keeping it all to myself!

I’m talking about Soap and Glory: Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plumper. This Sexy Mother Pucker is ridonculips (pun intended)!~

“Soap & Glory’s super-sizing, extra-strength collagen plumping lip gloss. Give low-volume lips some va va va BOOM with this super-strength XL lip plumping gloss. Sexy Mother Pucker™ XL Extreme Plump is formulated with circulation-enhancing LIPSWELL™ natural plant oil infusion, SUPERFILL™ nanovectors that explode in volume up to 10X when applied to your lips, and VISIVOLUME™ immediate effect lip filler.” (Available at Sephora for $22)

This lip plumper is not for the faint of heart… It’s serious business. Here’s why I love this lip plumper:

  • Packaging: Love the funny name: Sexy Mother Pucker. Come on, it’s clever. 🙂
  • Smell: Mostly chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. Sounds like a strange combo, but it’s not bad… and this is coming from the girl who doesn’t like chocolate or cinnamon!
  • Feel: Initially, you don’t feel much, then about 5 minutes later… you FEEL it. Feels like pins and needles on your lips… or as if there’s a bit of electricity running through your lips! Major tingle, not in a bad way I promise. No stinging like some other plumpers… just tingling. I actually enjoy it… a lot.
  • Plumping: If you’ve tried other plumpers, you know not to expect miracles. Having said that, this is my favorite plumper because it doesn’t sting and does a good job filling out the fine lines on my lips… giving the appearance of fuller and smoother lips.
  • Consistency: Feels like a nourishing creamy balm. I have very dry lips, but this product does a good job at moisturizing them while plumping.
  • Color: Clear. Great alone, over lipsticks, or under/over lipglosses.
  • Applicator: Easy squeeze tube with a  big slanted head.

What lip plumpers are you crazy about?!

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  1. February 14, 2013 / 1:49 pm

    A few years back, my friend had this, and my family and her family were out for a meal, as things got merry her dad picked it up off the table and went “OOOH sexy mother PUCKER!!!” and then put it on. About 3minutes later there was an astounded shout of “oooh it tingles!!!!”

    An amusing story but a digression, it’s a great product!