Not Your Mother’s: Clean Freak {Dry Shampoo}

Posted on September 15, 2012


There’s only a few products that I’ve come across that have really improved my (beauty) life. Dry shampoos are definitely one of those products… a definite beauty must have in my book! :) If the concept is a bit strange, just think… you powder your face when it gets oily, why not powder your scalp and roots?!

I reviewed a few dry shampoos on my blog earlier this year, but that was before I found my absolute favorite: Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo: Clean Freak. I reviewed Clean Freak on We Heart This as a guest blogger, but in case you missed that review~ here’s it is again. (ps… If you’d like to see the other dry shampoos I’ve reviewed, please click here.)

Why I love dry shampoo:

  • Prolong each hair wash.
  • No more over-washed dry hair.
  • Saves time.
  • Volumize and texturize.
  • Perfect for freshening up after a flight!

Why I love Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak:

How I use Clean Freak:

  • Generously spray all over onto roots. Lift hair at roots using your fingers to get the dry shampoo throughout your hair, and not concentrated on one area. If necessary, excess white residue can be brushed or patted off.
  • As a preventative measure: Use BEFORE your hair really needs it (usually 2nd day for me), I spray Clean Freak on the roots of my hair. You’ll be able to not wash your hair for days!
  • Emergency hair care: Perfect for those mornings you wake up late and don’t have time to wash your hair. This is a life saver. Freshen up your hair and add volume back to your hair. :)

Before and After Photos:

Before: My apologies for the gross picture. My hair after 3 days of not washing.
No dry shampoo was used here. Yuck… oily, clumpy and super gross hair.

After: My hair after 4 days of not washing, but with the use of dry shampoo starting on the 2nd day.
With the help of Clean Freak, my hair is not oily, clumpy or smelly!

Isn’t it amazing?! Below is another picture after FOUR days of not washing my hair!
I usually have to wash my hair everyday but not with Clean Freak! What a wonderful product.

There you have it! I love dry shampoo and think it’s an amazing product!
Have you tried Clean Freak or any other dry shampoo?

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