{How To} Marbled Nails: Easy, Waterless, & Mess Free

Posted on October 6, 2012


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram… you know I love me some nail DIYs! I recently tried marbling and it did NOT turn out well. Aside from the less-than-desirable results, it was so~ time consuming. I don’t have the time or the patience!

Thank goodness I saw this foolproof, waterless, and mess free method of achieving a marbled nail look on Pinterest! A beautiful and intricate design in no time. :)

Since it’s October, I chose Halloween inspired colors but you can choose any color combination. Below is the look I created.

Here’s the easy 3 step marbled nail tutorial! Super quick. Completely foolproof. No mess. No water. Perfecto.

3 Easy Steps to Marbled Nails: Easy, Waterless & Mess Free!

Here’s what you’ll need: 2 polish colors (contrasting colors work best) & 10 small pieces of plastic wrap. The colors I chose are OPI in Atomic Orange and Sinful Colors in Black on Black.

  1. Paint nails with the 1st color. I chose black. Let completely dry.
  2. Paint nails with the 2nd color and while the polish is still wet, take a piece of the crinkled plastic wrap and lightly dab over the wet polish. Just a few dabs should be enough.
    * If you take off too much of the 2nd polish, no worries. Just re-paint the 2nd polish and dab again with the plastic wrap.
    * For a more swirly look, lightly dab the plastic wrap onto the wet paint and turn the plastic wrap.
  3. Apply top coat and clean your cuticles with some nail polish remover if necessary!

So, will you be trying this? Let me know what you think! Have fun and good luck!~

ps. If you share nail photos on Instagram, please tag @prettygossip so I can see your creations .

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