{How To} Depot Cardboard Eyeshadow Palettes

Yesterday, I posted my review and swatches on the Urban Decay: Book of Shadows III (on sale for $39). My only complaint: bulky packaging! Today, I’d like to share how I depotted the big and bulky shadow palette into a compact and slim Unii Palette!

I won my Unii Palette on Instagram a few weeks ago and was waiting for the perfect occasion to use it. When the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III arrived at my door, I knew it was time. I {excitedly} proceeded to depot the very sturdy cardboard palette. BTW, I’ll do a separate tutorial on how to depot plastic shadow pots and palettes!

How to depot cardboard shadow palettes like the
Urban Decay Book of Shadows III.

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard shadow palette you wish to depot and a new palette like the Unii Palette.
  • Small knife (I used my mini Swiss Army knife), but a cuticle pusher or metal nail file will also work.
  • Rubbing alcohol (vodka works too) + Q-Tips for clean up.

How to depot:

1. Carefully remove:
Find the largest gap between the shadow pot and cardboard and wedge in your knife (or tool). Try to (gently) get under the pot and make small lifting motions all around the entire pot until the shadow pot pops out.

*Tip 1: Don’t try to pop off the shadow pot in just one try because you’ll probably crack the shadow. Take your time and go around the entire pot loosening the glue. If the shadow still cracks, don’t panic (like I did)! It’s super easy to fix and I’ll post a tutorial on how to fix it later this week.

*Tip 2: Unlike metal or plastic palettes or shadow pots… cardboard palettes are softer. See (below) how the cardboard around the shadow pot has imprints of where I’ve wedged my knife? Don’t be afraid to leverage the knife against the pliable cardboard to get under the pot and lift the pot out of the palette.

2. Clean and label:
Use your alcohol and Q-Tip to clean off any paper and glue from the bottom of the shadow pots. If the pot is already magnetic, use a Sharpie to label it and place directly into the magnetic palette. If the shadow pot is NOT magnetic, cut the magnet label to size and use it to label the shadow pot. (Unii Palettes come with a self adhesive magnetic label sheet!)

3. Organize your new palette!
I lined the bottom of my palette with saran wrap because I was afraid the permanent ink on the bottom of the pots would transfer onto my beautiful palette. Yes, I’m OCD like that. You don’t have to this… unless you’re OCD too.

So, what’s so great about the Unii Palette:

  • Beautiful and sturdy construction.
  • Shuts tight with a snap.
  • The cute (magnetic) flower is a thumb grip(!) and can be placed wherever works best for you.
  • You can include an assortment of shadows, blushes, and even powders into one convenient and compact palette! Perfect for traveling or in your purse.
  • I can include a small eye pencil and/or brush in my palette!
  • They’re a small business and I love supporting small businesses!~

I hope this how to tutorial has been helpful!~

What’s next… How to depot plastic (non-cardboard) shadow pots! Stay tuned!~
Tell me how you feel about depotting makeup! Have you ever done it?

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  1. October 17, 2012 / 11:30 am

    Wow, you did it so neatly! I don’t really have so many palettes right now that I’d need to depot, but when I finally have to I’ll have this post as my guide/reference! 🙂

  2. October 17, 2012 / 9:48 am

    Wow, your way of depotting is much cleaner – lol! I just tore into my BOS like a crazy eyeshadow snatching woman 😉 Surprisingly I couldn’t find any flat, sharp-ish tools to lift up the pans from the glue. I ended up using a mini crow bar haha! GREAT post as always chica!! oxo