Paraffin Nutrition Nail Packs {The Face Shop}

A quick review on The Face Shop nail packs.

I tried out the Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack because my cuticles were peeling and cracked. I’d never tried a nail or hand mask, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The package was split up into 2 sides, each containing 5 packs. Basically, you need to open up both sides of the package to do all 10 nails.

When I opened up one side of the package, I got 5 individual nail packs (with one big pack specifically for the thumb). The rest of the packs were the same size.

The top part (on side of nail + cuticle) was made of a thin quilted material which stuck well to the nails, skin, and cuticles.

My thoughts: While I liked the nail pack and am glad I tried it… I didn’t love them. They were uncomfortable and quite messy. Since the pack is wet, I couldn’t have my fingertips/hands touch anything. I ended up holding my hands in a “high five” pose until I was ready to remove the pack.  Then of course, there was the issue of the liquid from the pack running down my arms.

Instead of picking up nail packs… I recommend spending the money (about $2-3 bucks) on a hand mask. This way, you get the benefits of moisturizing your nails, cuticles AND hands! I recently tried a hand mask from The Face Shop and really enjoyed it! I’ll be sure to share a review on those soon. Until then, have a great weekend! xo

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