{Homemade} Sugar Foot Scrub

Posted on April 12, 2013


Hello!~ Summer’s right around the corner so it’s time to get your feet ready for the beach, pool, and your favorite pair of sandals. :) Moisturizer is important, but it all starts with a good exfoliation. Here’s a really quick, but effective homemade foot scrub. Enjoy and good luck!

Ingredients for 1 use: 1/2 cup of oil (baby or olive oil) and 1 cup of sugar.

Directions: Combine ingredients and mix well with a spoon. Use the scrub in the shower, rinse well, and pat dry. Pay special attention to dry, cracked heels. The sugar will scrub away dead skin cells and the oil will clean and moisturize!

Additional notes: The mixture will last a few days (the sugar will start to dissolve in the oil). In addition to getting your feet sandal ready, give your body a good exfoliation with a homemade body scrub DIY (tutorial here). Exfoliation is especially important if you plan to use a self tanner! It’ll help give you an even all over tan.

Oh, and in case you’re looking for some cute shoes… here’s some of my current favorites!

Good luck. Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out!
xo, Mindy

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