Top 5 Ways to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping!

Posted on June 26, 2013


Hi Lovelies,

How many times have you gotten a manicure only to have it chip the next day?! Wanna know how you can make your manicure last longer? Look no further!  I did a little research and picked the brains of my local nail technicians to bring you the 5 best ways to make your nail polish last longer without chipping!

Find out if your guilty of making some rookie manicure mistakes! Scroll down for details.

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Okay… here we go~
Top 5 Ways to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping!

1) Avoid water.

  • Water is great for your skin, but terrible for polish on your nails.
  • Your nails should be completely dry when you apply your basecoat. If your nail bed is even slightly wet, it prevents your basecoat and/or polish from properly adhering to your nails. If the polish isn’t adhering to your nails… it’s likely to lift off and chip.
  • After a manicure, you should avoid getting your nails wet. This means stay away from pool, beach, and maybe even ignore the dirty dishes in the sink for a few days. The more exposure you have to water, the faster your polish will wear and chip.

2) Avoid oils.

  • Getting oils, lotions and other types of potions on your nails will also cause chips. My suggestion is to avoid using cuticle creams, hand lotions, or even moisturizing soaps right before a manicure!

3) Don’t shake, just roll.

  • The “mixing balls” in the bottle should really be called “rolling balls.” You should always roll your polish to mix. Shaking your nail polish bottle creates air bubbles within the polish which can prevent an even application.

4) Apply thin layers.

  • 2-3 thin layers are better than 1 thick layer. A thick layer can leave tiny air bubbles in the application which can (again) compromise adhesion to the nail.

5) Apply top coat while your polish is wet…

  • This one was a surprise! Did you know that top coat is most effective when applied to wet polish? Applying top coat to wet nail polish allows the top coat to penetrate through the polish, helping everything bond to the nail bed.
  • If you’re looking for a great top coat… my favorite of all time is Seche Vite. Check out my 5 day test here!

So there you have it! Keep these 5 tips in mind the next time you put a fresh coat of paint on your nails, and your new mani should last for dayyyyyssss. Good luck!~

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