{How to} Update Your Beauty Closet

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At the end of every winter season, I get excited to pack away the bulky sweaters, jackets, and boots and I’m delighted to pull out my favorite jean skirt, must have gold sandals, and all my summer essentials. If you’re like me, you’ll probably use the seasonal wardrobe change as an opportunity to clean out your entire closet. It’s inevitable for me. I start to organize and can’t stop. I make piles of clothes… toss, donate, and of course the “oh, I forgot I had that” pile.

We update our closets for the seasonal changes, but do you do the same for your beauty closet?! Most of us don’t think about it, but updating our beauty closets each season is not only a great idea… it’s a must!

Here’s a look at just one of my beauty drawers.

Beauty Closet- PrettyGossip

I obviously don’t need all these foundation products and need to follow my own advice. I write this post as a reminder to myself, as well as for all my fellow beauty product hoarders. 🙂 So let’s begin~

~ 3 Tips on HOW TO Update Your Beauty Closet ~

1) Time to get rid of the expired.

  • Yes, that means throwing away the5 year old face cream that doesn’t smell quite right anymore. The year old mascara that’s just waiting to give you an eye infection. The10 year old eye shadow palette that you’re convinced you’ll use again… someday.Let it go. Unlike old clothes and shoes… makeup, skincare products, and all body care products go bad/expire which can decrease effectiveness, cause skin irritations (breakouts), and even infections! Not sure when to say goodbye? Here’s a cheat sheet from Real Simple.

HOW TO Update Your Beauty Cabinet- Pretty Gossip

2) Switch out products to address seasonal changes!

  • I naturally have dry skin. 🙁 During the winter, I use heavy creams on my face and body. During the warmer months, I’ll trade out my heavy creams for lighter lotions.
  • For my face wash, I’ll switch from an oil to a cream/foam cleanser. If you have oily skin I recommend switching from a cream cleanser to a foaming cleanser. You always want clean skin, so make sure you always wash your face… just choose the right cleanser for your type of skin.
  • I’ve noticed that switching out a body wash can do wonders. I recently purchased the Olay Sensitive Skin Body Wash and have been loving it. It’s rich enough to use as a shaving cream, but washes away easily and leaves my skin clean and soft. No dry or tight feeling and none of the slippery “I have to keep rinsing” feeling either. Also, the best part of this product (in my opinion) is unlike a lot of “unscented” products that actually do smell… and bad at that(!), Olay’s Sensitive Skin Body Wash has a pleasant scent. Can’t put my finger on the scent, but it’s very very faint. If you don’t have a dog nose like me, you probably won’t even notice it. Either way, I like the scent or “unscented”ness of this product so #yay!

OlayBodywash- PrettyGossip

3) Be color appropriate.

  • We change out our clothes to match the warmer weather and brighter color palettes. We should do the same with our makeup colors. Bring out the pastels, bright neons, and tap into your playful side. You can do this for all of your colored makeup including eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and of course… NAIL POLISHES! Warmer weather encourages me to get a little brighter and bolder with my color selections. What color are you wearing on your nails right now? I’m considering pastels! Definitely a popular spring color.


I hope this post has encouraged you to clean out your beauty closets, cabinets, drawers, boxes, whatever. You wouldn’t eat bad food, or wear shoes that no longer have soles right? Expired beauty products lose effectiveness and can actually do harm to your skin so it’s really important to toss them after the recommended expiration dates. If you’d like more information on how long you can keep products, check out this article.

When in doubt, repeat after me… “If I haven’t missed it in a year, I probably don’t need it.”

How do you go about cleaning out your beauty closet? Let me know in the comments below!

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Compensation was provided by Olay via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Olay.



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  1. gina
    May 3, 2014 / 3:25 am

    i definitely need to do this!! i am such a hoarder when it comes to beauty products. its so hard to throw things out but i really should. its good to know i’m not alone 🙂