{Tutorial} Cross Hatch Gradient Nails

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More than half the year is over and 4th of July is right around the corner! A couple of years ago, I shared my Splatter Paint Nail Tutorial which is still one of my most popular sites. Thank you, thank you, thank you if you’ve tried, pinned, shared, and/or commented on the post.  🙂 Today, I’d like to share another fun and EASY nail tutorial: Cross Hatch Gradient Nails.

Cross Hatch Gradient Nail Tutorial on Pretty Gossip

Channel your inner artist and ///cross hatch/// your way to a beautiful gradient design. Customize it with any 2 colors to create your own unique look!

Scroll down for details on how to create this look.

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///Cross Hatch Gradient Nail Look///

  1. Paint half of nail with 1st color. I chose white.
  2. Paint the other half of nail with 2nd color.  I chose black.
  3. Before the polish dries, take a nail art brush and drag the 2nd color into the 1st color using short hatching strokes.

    Use horizontal strokes likes like this:  
    Or diagonal strokes likes this:   /
    Feel free to mix it up!

    The longer the strokes, the wider the blended (middle) portion will be.  Don’t worry about it being perfect. It’s not supposed to be!

  4. Once you’ve repeated for all 10 nails, finish off with a top coat to smooth and give a nice shine!

Good luck!

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