Street Art x Perrier x Nail Art

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Hello Lovelies,

Are you into street art?! Do you notice it around your community? A former co-worker of mine was really into street art and it was through him that I (finally) started to notice all the street art that was around me. Once you notice it, you see it’s everywhere and I must say, they’re pretty cool. They can make an ordinary mundane space into something amazing and beautiful.

Then I got to thinking… How great must it be to be a street artist. To be able to beautify a space on such a grand scale?! Street artists aren’t tethered to a small canvas. They have the ultimate canvas: Everything!

When I learned that Perrier was partnering up with 3 world renowned street artists for limited edition bottles… I thought “How Refreshing and Cool!” Yes. Pun intended. I love that Perrier is shining light on 3 amazing street artists from around the world and also broadening the scope of what art and self expression are.

I particularly connected with Sasu’s design. Can you guess which set of 3 bottles were designed by her?


As an Angeleno, I’m surrounded by amazing street art. As a girly girl and beauty blogger… I found it difficult to relate to street art because they’re typically very masculine and too wild for me (yes, I’m type A). To my surprise, I was able to relate to Sasu’s pieces right away. Her designs are very feminine and I like that she’s able to show a softer side of street art. Not to mention that I think it’s great to see a woman kill it in a very male dominated industry. Girl Power!


I’m always looking to get inspired for my form of art… nail art that is. Yes, it’s not as grand as leaving your mark on a side of a building. But it’s my form of self expression and isn’t that what art is all about? Sasu beautifies communities on a very grand scale. I’ll continue to beautify my community (that includes you!) with my form of art which is much smaller in size, but meaningful just the same.

I was super bummed when I couldn’t find Sasu’s designed bottles… but I was able to get my hands on a couple of bottles designed by JonOne which were also pretty cool.

Below is my nail art inspired by Sasu, pictured with a bottle designed by JonOne. Enjoy and I hope this inspires you create something beautiful…


Please tag me on Instagram (@prettygossip) with your nail art looks! I love seeing them. Until next time, stay beautiful… inside and out!

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This post is sponsored by Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in celebration of its new limited Street Art® edition. This limited edition packaging is a collaboration between Perrier and three of the world’s influential street artists: JonOne, Sasu and Kobra. To see the full line of collectible designs and learn more about this exciting debut, visit  and join the conversation with #StreetArtByPerrier.