{How To} Gift Wrap a Gift Card

Hello Lovelies!

If you’re like me… you love getting gift cards, but hesitate to give them. It can be perceived as generic, lazy and/or impersonal. What’s one way to combat this negative perception of giving gift cards? I suggest putting a personal touch to the gift card by wrapping it like you would any other gift!

Wrap your gift cards and show that you’ve given thought and care into your gift(card) with this simple How To! 🙂How To Gift Wrap a Gift Card by Pretty Gossip

What you’ll need to wrap 1 gift card:

  1. Empty toilet paper roll
  2. Tissue paper (I cut my sheets into 10 inch x 8 inch sheets)
  3. Ribbon or twine (2 strands. Each about 9 inches long)

Step by step how to:

  1. Lightly fold the toilet paper roll in half so that you can fit the gift card in the middle of the roll
  2. Roll/wrap the toilet paper roll in the center of the tissue paper. You want to make sure you wrap it at least 2 times.
  3. Take the ribbon or twine and gently tie the ends so you don’t rip the tissue paper. Do the same for the other end and you’re done!

I hope you give (and receive) lots of gift cards!!! 😉

Good Luck!

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  1. December 5, 2014 / 11:37 am

    what a great idea! love it