{Tutorial} American Flag Nail Look

Hi Lovelies,

Can’t believe 4th of July is right around the corner! More than half the year is gone already!

For my 4th of July nail look this year, I’m using the American flag as my inspiration. If you’re looking for additional 4th of July nail looks, please check out my Splatter Paint Nails and Lichtenstein nail looks.

~~ American Flag Nail Tutorial! ~~

American Flag Nails Tutorial by Pretty Gossip

The photo above is my final American Flag nail look using nail stickers.

The photo below shows my first attempt which was done all free-hand.

American Flag Nail by Pretty Gossip 1

In my initial attempt I used SpaRitual’s GOLD Flexible Color in Blue and White, and Orly’s Instant Artist in Red. I painted the nails white and drew the red stripes by hand with Orly’s Instant Artist’s super thin brush.

By the way… if you’ve never heard of SpaRitual’s GOLD Flexible Color System, it’s a new 2 step system that promises to double the wear of your manicure. Basically, if you normally wear polish for 3 days, you’ll get 6. If you typically wear polish for 5 days, you’ll get 10. The formula is extremely creamy and applies rich and smooth. It also has something called Smudge Fixing Technology that levels smudges while the polish dries! Impressive! What I found most impressive is the quick dry time. Within 5 minutes, the polish is dry. 🙂 Okay, back to the nail look…

For the stars, I placed round silver stickers and topped my nails with a topcoat. For a quick and impromptu manicure, I was happy with the results and proud of the nail look. Not too bad for drawing the stripes free-hand!

Fast forward to 9 hours later and I found the stickers (see below) while cleaning my desk: Red and white stripe stickers! These nail wrap stickers are PERFECT.  How serendipitous!

Nail Wraps PrettyGossip

These stickers were launched during the holiday season and appropriately called “peppermint.”  No problem! I just needed to turn the stickers on their side so that they run horizontally, not vertically. I began on my 2nd manicure of the day.

Below is my tutorial using the stickers… Whether you decide to free hand or use stickers for the stripes, I hope you’ll give this nail look a try for Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, and Memorial Day!

Please tag me in your mani pictures (#PrettyGossip)! I’d love to see them!

American Flag Nail by PrettyGossip

 Step by Step American Flag Tutorial

Step 1:  Apply basecoat to nails that you’ll apply stickers to. Before applying the stickers, cut the strips to fit the width of your nails. Also, cut the strips so that one edge will match the curves of your cuticles.

Tip: Once the stickers are on your nails, it is nearly impossible to cut them near the cuticles. So take the time to properly cut the stickers to match the curve of your cuticles.

Step 2: After all stickers are applied to your nails, file away edges.

Step 3: Apply topcoat once all edges are filed off.

Step 4: Apply 2 coats of blue polish to your index fingernail.

Step 5: Place star stickers on your index fingernail.

Step 6: Apply topcoat and enjoy!

Good luck and please tag me in your mani looks with #PrettyGossip!
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