Bloody and Stitched Halloween Nail Tutorial- Easy and Scary!

Hello Lovelies,

Can’t believe September is half over! It’ll be Halloween soon so I wanted to share my EASIEST and SCARIEST Halloween nail look ever. The best part is that the messier the better! #foolproof!

This scary Halloween nail look is the perfect way to complete any costume. Even if you’re not putting on a costume, that doesn’t mean your nails can’t dress up and be scary! I mean, when else can you get away with a bloody nail look without stirring up suspicion?!!

The look is intense, but so easy to create. Also, I’ve included an optional step to make it even easier. Take a look below and I hope you’ll give it a try.

Bloody Stitched Nails by PrettyGossip

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Feel free to use similar products that you have at home. If you don’t have a matte topcoat, you can easily DIY it. My 2 ingredient tutorial is here.

Bloody Stitched Nails by PrettyGossip- What You'll Need

  • Elmer’s Glue (optional)- To give this gruesome nail look dimension, glue can be used to create flaky and cut skin.
  • Red Polish– I chose a deep shade of red to mimic blood.
  • Black Polish– Helps give a congealed bloody look.
  • Black Thread– Used to create stitches.
  • Matte Topcoat– I used matte topcoat to attach the stitches to my nails. Matte topcoats work well because it makes the red polish look like dried blood. Don’t have a matte topcoat?! No problem, you can make your own here with just 2 ingredients. You probably have both ingredients at home already!

STITCHES: Before you do anything else, create your stitches. You can make as little or as many as you like. I made about 8 and placed them randomly on a few of my nails.

Bloody Stitched Nails by PrettyGossip- Create Stitches

  1. Cut one long piece of thread and multiple short length pieces of thread.
  2. Tape or tie the long thread ends. I used a basket handles.
  3. Tie the shorter length threads along the longer piece until you have the number of pieces you need.
  4. To finish the stitches, cut the longer thread so you’re left with little “x” pieces of thread as pictured below.

Bloody Stitched Nails by PrettyGossip- Stitches

FLAKY SKIN: This step is optional. I chose to do it because it adds dimension to the gruesome bloody nail look. When painted red, it can look like skin that’s been “cut off.”

Bloody Stitched Nails by PrettyGossip- Create Flaky Skin

  1. Brush on glue around the cuticles and down past first knuckle.
  2. Once the glue dries and turns clear, peel off some of the glue to create a messy look… In the photo above, you can see that the hands are already looking a bit grosser. Paint the peeled off portions with red polish to make it seem like you have cut skin hanging off your hands.

STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL: Now comes the fun part! Below is the step by step tutorial on how to create your personalized bloody and stitched nail look. This look is perfect for Halloween and couldn’t be easier! Totally fool proof 🙂

Bloody Stitched Nails by PrettyGossip- Easy and Fool Proof Tutorial

  1. Apply red polish around your cuticles, knuckles and the fake flaky skin you’ve created with the glue. Use light brush strokes to build to the desired bloody look.
  2. With a thin brush and black polish, outline your cuticles. Also apply on the free edges of each nail to give the look of congealed blood.
  3. Apply a dot of matte topcoat and place your stitch. Continue and apply the rest of your stitches. Once you’ve placed all of your stitches, go back and brush on a little of matte topcoat to each stitch to secure them into place.

Bloody Stitched Nails by PrettyGossip- Attach Stitches

You’re done! No cleaning up cuticles or redoing a messed up nail. The point is to make them all look “messed up!” I hope that you will try this nail look this Halloween!

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Thanks for visiting and please have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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      Thank you so much! Please try the look and tag me!~

  1. Julie L
    September 17, 2015 / 3:41 pm

    This is genius! I love it!