{LUSH} Montalbano Lemon Shampoo Bar

Hello Lovelies,

Today I’d like to share a unique hair product. You’ve all used liquid shampoo, but have you ever used a shampoo BAR?! I recently tried Lush’s Montalbano Deep Cleansing Lemon Shampoo Bar and was pleasantly surprised at how clean my hair was. Please keep reading to see the good and the bad of Lush’s Shampoo Bar. 🙂

Lush Montalbano Lemon Shampoo Bar

Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar $10.95: Attention, dull hair! Our Montalbano Shampoo Bar is on the case. Made with brightening Sicilian lemon oil, lemon juice and fresh olives, it’ll make hair shine bright like a diamond from root to tip. Our inventors have also added rosemary to this sudser to help keep irritated scalps soothed, while leaving it delicately scented like a fresh citrusy grove with an herbaceous aroma.

Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar

WHAT YOU SEE: You’ll see chunks of olives (moisturizes) and lemons (brightens) both main ingredients.

WHAT YOU SMELL: The Montalbano Shampoo Bar smells amazing. So clean and fresh. If you love clean citrus scents, you’re going to love this bar. You’ll be pleased to know that the shampoo bar smells very similar to Lush’s Sexy Lemon Peel Bar Soap.

Lush Montalbano Lemon Shampoo Bar- Wet

HOW TO USE: Wet both hair and the shampoo bar. Rub the bar between your hands and work up a good lather. Then glide the shampoo bar down the length of your hair about three times (right, left and back). Work lather through your hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly and follow with your favorite conditioner.

EFFECTIVENESS: Just like a hand bar soap, it works easily and suds up quickly. You can see below that there’s no lack of suds. I’m always surprised at how squeaky clean my hair feels after using this shampoo bar.

Lush Montalbano Lemon Shampoo Bar- Suds


  1. I really enjoy using this shampoo bar. It gets my hair super clean and smells amazing!
  2. Because this is a bar of shampoo, it is easy to travel with! No worries about spilling or tsa concerns. Did I mention it smells amazing?! 😉


  1. A little disappointed with Lush for not making the shampoo sulfate free. If you’re concerned about skin irritations or hair loss, you should only use sulfate free shampoos (click here for my favorite sulfate free shampoos).
  2. Just like a bar of soap, the shampoo bar needs to be stored dry and away from water. As you can imagine, it’s very challenging to keep it away from water when you store and use it in the shower. I store the shampoo bar in a container but constantly have to drain the water out. I can’t keep the lid closed because I want the bar of shampoo do dry. Seems like a minor detail, but this is something that may deter me from buying another shampoo bar.

Despite the storage concerns and the sulfate aspect… All in all, I really like this product. 🙂

I hope this review has been helpful! If you have a favorite Lush product, please let me know in the comments below. I’m always looking for new products 🙂

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