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Earlier this week, we talked about Multi-Masking. Today, I’d like to talk about another trend in the mask world… Double Masking (aka Mask Layering)!

Korean Masks

So what exactly is double masking or mask layering? Double masking/mask layering is achieved in 2 methods.

Use a serum underneath a sheet mask to boost and maximize the benefits of a mask. Let me break it down in simple steps.

  1. Cleanse face as you normally would before a mask.
  2. Apply serum to address the specific areas of concern like dark spots, fine lines, dry patches, etc.
  3. Apply sheet face mask.
  4. Remove sheet face mask between 10-20 minutes and pat in excess serum/mask.

Simple right? By double/layering the mask, you can help boost the effectiveness of your mask. 🙂

Use a mask to address an issue then use another mask to address a secondary issue. For example, maybe you clear your clogged pores with a clarifying mask (clay or sheet), then you soothe and calm your skin down with another mask. Here’s the steps I would take.

  1. Cleanse face as you normally would before a mask.
  2. Apply 1st mask to address skin concerns like dark spots, clogged pores, etc. This can be a sheet, clay, gel, or any type of mask.
  3. Apply 2nd mask to address a secondary concern like firming, pore tightening, moisturization, acne, etc. The mask can also be in any type of form.
  4. Remove face mask as directed.

There are so many options of mask in sheet, clay, cream, and even rubber form! There’s no wrong way to double/layer mask so feel free to experiment. Choose to calm and soothe your skin then add moisture. Or clear your clogged pores and treat with an acne sheet mask if that’s a concern. If fine lines and wrinkles are your concern, address that first and then follow it up with a collagen mask to boost fullness in your skin! The possibilities are endless!!!!

Like I said, there’s no wrong way, so pair masks up to make your perfect mask cocktail.  Here are my suggestions on some Dr.Jart+ sheet masks I’ve been enjoying!


ALL THAT LIFT & FIRM : I really liked this 2 piece face mask because it is a hydrogel mask. LOVE hydrogel masks because they’re less messy than traditional sheet masks. Also, the bottom portion of the mask has holes that go over the ears which helps the mask lift the skin around the jaw and chin. Keep scrolling to see what I mean!

Dr Jart- All That Lift & Firm

It looks a bit uncomfortable, but it wasn’t bad. The mask is super soft and has enough stretch making it very comfortable. The side of the mask that touches the mask is a soft hydrogel and the outer portion of the mask feels like a soft velvet. After about 20 minutes, I removed the mask and my face was noticeably tighter and lifted. Definitely will be repurchasing this mask. 🙂 In case you were curious, I used this mask after a homemade deep exfoliating mask.

Dr Jart- All That Lift & Firm - Review by PrettyGossip

Available at Sephora for $7.50. A specially-designed mask that achieves the appearance of skin-lifting and elasticity improvement. The Hydrogel Expansion Stretch Mask brings facial contours through a plaster-type stretch mask that can expand to fit onto your face. It features clear contours, strengthened elasticity, and maximized penetration—making it the perfect tool for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, large pores, and sagging.


BRIGHTENING SOLUTION: Below is the Brightening Solution mask also from Dr.Jart+. This one is not a gel mask, but made of ultra fine microfiber. It wasn’t as soft as the gel mask above, but it was nice. You can notice that the mask is a bit “stiffer” than the gel mask above. I didn’t notice too much of a brightening effect. I probably won’t be purchasing this mask again. I followed up this mask with a hydration mask.

Dr Jart- Brightening Solution

Available at Sephora for $9.00. An ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask that instantly brightens dull and uneven skintone. This silky, hydrating microfiber sheet mask—made of soft microfiber finer than a strand of hair—luxuriously delivers essential ingredients for the ultimate brightening benefits. Featuring a super silky texture, the thin material of the mask gently clings to skin for even and consistent absorption of active ingredients. Glutathione, a potent antioxidant, visibly evens out skintone and helps brighten and improve the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. A dynamic duo of proven skin-brightening ingredients, niacinamide and α-bisabolol, create youthful-looking radiance.  


VITAL HYDRA SOLUTION: This last mask is more of a traditional thin sheet mask. It was the messiest of the 3 because both sides of the mask is wet. Since this is a traditional sheet mask, it was the thinnest material so it usually dries out the fastest… BUT if you double mask, it’ll last longer. The extra serum you apply underneath the sheet mask will keep the mask moist longer allowing your skin more time to absorb all the good stuff. Despite the mess, I liked this mask. It provided ample hydration and left my skin feeling supple and super soft. I followed up this mask with a fun rubberizing mask. One of my all time favorite masks still!

Dr Jart- Vital Hydra Solution

Available at Sephora for $6.00. A cellulose sheet mask that deeply hydrates, replenishes, and protects skin’s own moisture.  Made of fine cellulose fiber, the lightweight, transparent mask allows pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and moisturizing ingredients for an ultimate hydration therapy. It immediately hydrates dry skin due to lack of moisture while aquaxyl—a patent moisturizing ingredient—enhances moisture retention and strengthen barrier function. Ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid activates skin moisture with high absorption, and seaweed extract, which containins algeinicacids, moisturizes and removes impurities.   

I hope this review has been helpful! Please let me know if there you have a favorite mask I should try.

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    Love this review! I too love masks and especially ones with tea tree I find helpful for any pimples or redness! xo