{Korean Trend Alert} Animal Sheet Masks

Hi Beautiful!

Get ready to step up your mask selfie game! This is a quick post on 2 animal sheet masks from The Face Shop that make masking super fun! 🙂

Up first… the Panda character sheet face mask.

Korean Sheet Mask- Panda

Not the most flattering selfie, but what mask selfie is right? At least this one is funny and cute. 🙂 I personally like the rosy cheeks. What do you think?!

Korean Sheet Mask- Panda on PrettyGossip

After about 20 minutes, I peeled of the mask and it was pretty much dried. My skin had absorbed most of the moisture. 🙂

Korean Sheet Mask- Panda Face 2

Next up is the sheep sheet face mask. Bahhhhh.

Korean Sheet Mask- Sheep

I think I prefer the panda one. Thoughts?!

Korean Sheet Mask- Sheep on PrettyGossip

Here’s the mask once I peeled it off.

Korean Sheet Mask- Sheep Face 2

I generally prefer hydrogel masks over sheet masks because they are less messy. Nonetheless, these character sheet masks were so cute, I didn’t mind. Both masks offered generic mask benefits which s moisture.

If you’re looking to make masking more interesting, you should definitely try The Face Shop’s character masks. You can buy them here for about $5-$10 bucks each.  These character masks will make things more fun/funny and I guarantee you’ll take a selfie. Who can resist?! Whether you post them or not is your choice 🙂

If you do decide to post a mask selfie, please tag me! I’d love to see them. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter,  InstagramPinterest, and Bloglovin.

Hope you’re having a good day and thanks for visiting!!!