Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner

Hi Lovelies! Ever run out of clean eyeshadow brushes while you’re doing your makeup? Do you dread cleaning your brushes? If you’re screaming “YES!”… You’re going to love Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner.

Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner Review

A dry, makeup-removing sponge that allows you to switch colors without having to switch brushes. Inspired by a common makeup artist dilemma of how remove powder product from brushes without the drying time of a liquid brush cleaner, this sponge offers a dry alternative. The special material allows you to remove pigment from your brushes without brush cleaner formula. Simply swipe the brush over the sponge until pigment is removed and move on to the next color. The sponge is completely reusable and can be cleaned by washing it with warm water and soap or it can be sprayed with disinfecting brush cleaner for a quick cleanse.
Available at Sephora for $18 or from Amazon for about $15


Like the name states, the brush cleaning sponge allows you to quickly and easily clean your brushes by removing colored powders like eyeshadows from your brush. For example, if you’re creating a makeup look using 3 different shades, you can use the same brush by cleaning in between each shade. The sponge picks up powders from your brushes without any water eliminating drying time. I wish I tried this product sooner.

Below is a closer look at the brush cleaning sponge.

Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner Clean


Unlike the traditional way of cleaning a brush, your brush never gets wet which eliminates the drying time! With this brush cleaner, your brushes are immediately clean and reusable. This product won’t replace washing your brushes with water for a deep cleaning, but it is a great tool to use in between those dreaded washings. Btw, if you’re looking for a good homemade brush cleaner, here’s my recipe!


I usually wash the sponge after a few color switches. Below you can see a freshly washed sponge and just below that is a sponge with 3 brush cleanings. You can clearly see the pigment that has been deposited onto the sponge. Oh, and don’t forget that there are TWO sides to the sponge. 🙂 Flip the sponge and use both sides before washing.

Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner Before After



Using the Color Switch Brush Cleaner is SO EASY! Take the used brush and gently swipe it back and forth making sure to hit all sides of the brush. The sponge will collect and dust off the brush.

How To Use Vera Mona Color Switch Brush Cleaner



Before I wash my sponge, I flip the sponge to use the other side. Once both sides are dirty, simply pop out the sponge and wash with warm water and soap! Let air dry and pop back into the metal tin for use. So simple and easy.


I REALLY like this product. Although it won’t replace cleaning your brushes with water and soap, it certainly helps delay the inevitable. Also, it provides a quick and effective way to clean any brush for immediate reuse.

This product is also perfect for traveling! Just pack a few basic brushes and you can reuse them over and over! Totally worth the $18.

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  1. Debora Vasquez
    May 5, 2016 / 11:20 am

    Wow! Can not wait to try it 🙂 thanks for the review i’m ordering right now!

    • May 6, 2016 / 1:12 pm

      Thanks for visiting and your comment! This product is really a great tool to have. Please let me know how you like it! xoxo