{Loreal} True Match Lumi Cushion Compact

Hello Beautiful! There are so many cushion compacts out in the world and so little time! Today I’d like to review Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion Compact in shade W2!

Lumi Cushion Compact

Introducing new True Match™ Lumi Cushion, a liquid foundation infused in an innovative sponge that delivers the perfect amount of makeup. Our luminous refreshing formula creates sheer to medium coverage. Tap a little for a fresh natural glow, tap on more to build a new level of luminous coverage. Liquid foundation + tap on applicator puff gives you convenient on-the-go coverage. Formulated with Precise Match™Technology to match your skin’s tone and undertone. Available HERE for $14.99. 


  • Gently press the applicator into the foundation cushion.
  • Gently tap the cushion sponge concentrating on the center of your face.
  • Build up to desired coverage.

Loreal Lumi Cushion Compact


  • Wash with warm water and gentle soap. Gently work the soap into the sponge and rinse well.
  • Squeeze excess water and air dry completely before using.

SHADES: The Lumi Cushion is available in 12 shades. I purchased Shade W2 which is a light ivory. The shade is a little too pink for my skin. I wish it was a little more yellow and less red.  I guess that’s the challenge of purchasing a foundation or color cosmetics at a drugstore. 🙁 To be fair, even though the shade is a little too red for my skintone, as you can see in the pictures below, the color blends well and wears well on my skin. I think it will be fine during sunny months when I have a bit more color to my skin. Come winter… I’ll happily go back to my beloved IOPE Cushion Compact or Lancome’s Cushion Compact which I’m also loving. 🙂

Loreal Lumi Cushion W2 Swatch

BEFORE AND AFTER: Below is a close up photo of my bare skin just with moisturizer applied. Keep scrolling to see the after photo with a light application.

Loreal Lumi Cushion- Before and After

FINISH: You can see it has a natural luminous finish. If you have oily skin, not sure how well this will work for you. You may have to go over with a setting powder. For dry skin like mine, I don’t mind the natural glowing finish. If you prefer a more matte finish, I suggest a dusting lightly with a translucent powder with no talc.

COVERAGE: The coverage for the Lumi Cushion is sheer to medium. Because the color was a bit too pink for me, I applied very light handed which resulted in a sheer coverage.

MAKE YOUR CUSHION LAST LONGER: This is a trick that works for all cushion compacts. When you’re running low on product and not getting enough product on the sponge, remove the cushion from the compact and flip over to the reverse side for more product. You’ll get access to a ton more of the product.

HOW TO STORE: I highly recommend storing the product flat on a flat surface. Because the foundation is suspended in the cushion, storing the compact on it’s side will affect how much or how little product you get on your sponge. Also, like all other cosmetics, you should keep the lid tightly secured and store in cool or room temperature.


  • You can see below that Loreal’s Lumi leans a bit red, but doesn’t look too bad. In terms of texture, coverage, and feel… I think Lumi Cushion stands up to the others! Not bad for a $15 cushion compact.
  • One of my favorite cushion compacts of all time is from Iope. Did you know that Iope’s cushion compact is the BEST selling cushion compact in all of Asia?! See the full review here.
  • Amore Pacific is only available in 4 shades. I unfortunately bought a side too dark for me. 🙁 Aside from that, the product has a strong perfume scent. See the full review here.

Loreal Lumi Cushion Swatch

Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I like Loreal’s True Match Lumi Cushion much more than I thought I would despite the shade being a little too pink for my skin tone. If I can identify the perfect shade, that would make me really love the product. At $14.99, it’s a steal compared to some of the other cushion compacts I’ve tried (reviews herehere and here). Maybe I’ll buy another shade and layer or mix for my perfect shade and heavier coverage. Last but not least, I wish this product had SPF. When using this product, be sure to use a broad spectrum SPF to protect your skin!

I hope this review has been helpful. If you have any questions about this or any of the other cushion compacts I’ve reviewed, please leave a comment below… or contact me on social! I love connecting with all of you! xoxo.

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