Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove

Hello Lovelies! I hope you all are well. 🙂 I hate cleaning brushes as much as the next girl, so when I saw the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove I knew I had to try it!

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

The Patented Sigma Spa® Express Brush Cleaning Glove was designed as a compact brush cleaning device featuring 7 patented textures for both eyes and face brushes. The glove provides a quick and effective cleaning process including a universally fit strap to be placed around the thumb and wrist to help secure the glove during vigorous brush cleaning. Also travel-friendly, it conveniently occupies minimal space for easy storage and transporting. Available at Sigma for $25

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove- top

When I’m vigorously cleaning my brushes, my pinky doesn’t stay through the hole. Maybe my pinky is too short. 😉 Either way, the glove works well with or without the pinky.

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove- Bottom

EASY TO PUT ON: Here’s how the glove looks like from the side. You can see that the part that goes around the wrist and thumb secures the glove while you’re cleaning.

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove on Hand

REVERSIBLE: The picture below is the same glove. The left side is how the glove came in the package. The right side shows when the pocket portion of the glove is flipped inside out. You get a different texture. There’s a total of 7 textures on the glove but honestly, every part of the glove works well so I don’t think I will ever flip the glove to use the inside. 😉

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove- Flipped Inside Out

DOES IT WORK?: Typically I use the palms of my hands to work up the lather, but this glove made it so much FASTER! The  many textures made it very easy to build up a lather on the brushes which made the cleaning process more efficient.

SIZE: Even though this is the smallest of the Sigma’s brush cleaning glove/mat, I found it large enough to comfortably use with biggest and fluffiest brushes. I’m happy with my express brush cleaning glove, but if you’re impatient or have 100s of brushes to clean and want to clean handfuls of brushes at once… I would say you may want the larger cleaning mat.

Ready to start cleaning your makeup brushes?!
Let’s go. There’s only 3 steps. 

STEP 1. Wet your dirty brush and drop a few drops of a brush cleanser onto the glove. If you don’t have a brush cleaner, I suggest you make your own! Click here for an easy recipe to make your own gentle brush cleaner with ingredients you already have in your home! I don’t recommend using face cleansers as they may dry out your brushes.

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove- Step 1

STEP 2. Use a circular motion to work up a lather on the brush. I lather up multiple brushes before moving onto Step 3.

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove- Lather

STEP 3. Rinse well. Before you lay your brushes on a towel overnight, gently use your fingers to lay down the bristles so that it dries in the shape you’d like.

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove- Rinse

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I really like this product! I found the product easy to use and very effective. I liked using it as a glove, but I prefer to use like a mat. By laying it in my sink, it freed up my hands so I could use both my hands to clean brushes. The rubber material held onto the sink keeping the glove in place while I twirled my brushes.

Overall, I highly recommend this product. Two thumbs up!! Great product Sigma Beauty! If you’re interested in getting this or any Sigma product, use code SIGMA2016 to save 10%!

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