Summer Perfect Hair with… Flash Tattoos!

Hello Lovelies! Are you looking for a fresh new way to use your leftover flash tattoos from previous years?  Well, get ready to rock them again! But this year, it’ll be on your hair! It’s the perfect summer hair accessory for concerts, bbqs, and any pool party! Please keep reading for my Flash Tattoo Summer Hair Tutorial!

Flash Tattoo Summer Hair Tutorial! 
Flash Tattoo for your Hair Tutorial- Pretty Gossip


A touch of bling to make any ponytail more interesting. I wanted a simple ponytail so I didn’t add any waves or texture to the ponytail. If you like, you can add waves or add more flash tattoos. If you’re going to add waves or curls, do it after your hair is in a pony. You want the top part of your hair to be as smooth as possible. Oh, and I wrapped the rubber band with my hair so you can’t see it. Super simple.

Before you start, select the flash tattoos you want to use and cut them out. I recommend small sections, otherwise it may get difficult to work with.

Creative Ways to Use Flash Tattoos

Step 1 Ponyup:

Get your hair in a ponytail. High, low, or mid… it doesn’t matter. Just make sure that your hair is smoothed out so the tattoo can adhere easily.

Flash Tattoo for your Hair Tutorial Step 1

Step 2 Soak and Press

Take your flash tattoo, remove the plastic, and place where you want it to be on your head. I only recommend doing this on your head where the hair strands won’t be moving constantly. I tried it on the ponytail itself and no bueno. It was a hot mess.

Take a spray bottle or wet paper towel and soak the back of the paper. Make sure you thoroughly wet the paper and firmly press down all along the paper. You want to make sure that the flash tattoo transfers. It takes a little more work than on your skin because your hair is not as smooth a surface as your skin. I soaked and pressed until the paper was practically sliding off the paper and my hair.

Flash Tattoo for your Hair Tutorial Step 2

Step 3. Gently Peel:

When you’re sure the flash tattoo has transferred, gently peel off the paper. Viola! You’ve just stepped up your ponytail game in a flash. (LOL. See what I did there? Get it? I had to.)

Flash Tattoo for your Hair Tutorial Step 3

Optional Step:

I chose to spray the flash tattoo with a bit of hairspray. This helps keep my hair laying flat, and seals in the flash tattoo. 🙂 I wore the ponytail all day and my flash tattoo stayed put! I was very happy with the results and the long wear!

Flash Tattoo for your Hair Tutorial Step 4

To remove, simply shampoo and conditioner your hair. Simple enough right? If you’re at a pool party, don’t worry too much about getting in the water. After all, water is how you get it to stay right? As long as your hair doesn’t move too much, the tattoo will be fine (hence the secure ponytail).

What do you think? Probably the EASIEST way to dress up a ponytail. I just used some left over flash tattoos from a couple of years ago, but I’m curious how my hair would look withs more elaborate tattoos.

Flash Tattoo Summer Hair

Easy and fun right? I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Please pin and share with your followers!!!!

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