Eyeliner Tattoo- NOT So Scary! Before and After Photos.

Hello Lovelies! I’m back! The end of 2016 was crazy and I’ve been adjusting to a new job. Now that I’m settled in, I’m back and I have so much to share with you.

In 2012, I shared my experience with eyebrow tattoos (photos here). Thank you so much for making that post so popular! Since then, its exciting to see how popular eyebrow tattoos /microblading has become!  So~ for my very first post in 2017 (I know its March), I decided to make it about what I think will be the next big trend : Eyeliner Tattoos.

OBJECTIVE : Exactly a year ago, I decided to get my lashline  tattooed (aka eyeliner tattooed). My objective was to get the look of fuller lashes without looking like I had eyeliner on. Eyeliner tattoo had been on my radar for years but I was too chicken. I was afraid of the pain. I mean, getting a tattoo near your eyeballs does NOT sound fun. So every year, I would try to muster up the courage and then chicken out. Then in March of 2016,  I decided to suck it up and get it done. Every person I knew who had it done acknowledged it was painful, but said they would do it again because it was so good. I went to Sherri (person who did my eyebrow tattoo) because I knew she would listen and help me achieve the look I wanted: NATURAL!

WHAT I WANTED? : My tattoo is not on the waterline. The tattoo is carefully drawn in-between each lash on the lashline to fill in the gap between the lashes.m to give more definition. Imagine having your eyes permanently tightlined without having to worry about smudges. That’s what I wanted to achieve, not a thick liner. 😉  After getting the tattoo, my lashes look fuller and my eyes look more awake! The look is so natural, nobody ever suspects I’ve done anything!

Getting my eyeliner tattoo is one of the best beauty decisions I’ve ever made! I just wish I had done it years ago! 

PAIN? : For about 30 minutes, I had numbing cream on my eyelids. As she started to tattoo, there were moments of pain and moments of no pain. Overall, I’d say that it wasn’t as bad as I had made it in my mind, but I definitely did tear up from pain. The actual tattooing part only took about 15-20 minutes for both eyes.

LASHES FALLING OUT? : Nope. I didn’t lose any lashes after getting my lashline tattooed. I trusted Sherri because she’s extremely careful. I recommend finding someone who is meticulous and also very experience.

PHOTOS : Below are my before and after photos I took immediately after in the car. I tried to capture different angles so you can see how my eyes and lashline. I know the photos aren’t the best, but I did the best I could with the lighting situation. As you may know, all my photos are taken on my iPhone with absolutely no retouching. Also, I don’t have any makeup in any of the photos below.  What you see is what you get!

Eyeliner Tattoo : Before and After Photos


IMMEDIATELY AFTER : Below is a photo I took about 20 minutes later. Notice how thin the tattoo is and how it covers the empty gaps in-between each lash. The best tightline ever!~


MORNING AFTER:  My eyes were slightly hot, puffy, red, and itchy but all was manageable. While my skin healed, I didn’t use any cleansers to wash my face for about a week. I didn’t wear makeup at all either.

DAY 2 : My eyes were slightly red and swollen, but I wasn’t bothered. Over the next week, my tattoo scabbed. Some people experience itchiness while the scab heals, but I didn’t have that issue. The scab came off as small pieces over the next 1.5 weeks. While the eyes heal, I was super gentle with my eyes, never touched and I didn’t use any products or makeup. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily I healed.

RETOUCHING? : I was supposed to go back after 2 weeks for a retouching, but I didn’t really feel like I needed to. I’m sure the tattoo would have been more perfect if I went back, but I was in between jobs and life got crazy. I’ve had the intention to go get it touched up for the past year, but here I am exactly a year later writing my review and still not retouched.  🙂

1 YEAR LATER : A year from the first tattoo session, I’m still so very happy with my tattoo. I think I will go back for retouch within the next year.  I love that my lashline is always filled in to make my eyes appear brighter and my lash line fuller. I love it and yes, I’d go back to face the (manageable) pain because the results outweigh the pain!


CLOSE UPS : Below are (extreme) close up before and after photos. Before the tattoo, there are empty gaps in between each lash which made me look incomplete or undone. With the tattoo, the skin between each lash is filled in and gives the illusion of a fuller lashline in the most subtle way. Also, I always look a bit more awake and put together. Yay! No one ever suspects that I have my eyeliner tattooed, so it’s usually my little secret… until now!


TIGHTLINE : Notice below how the tattoo does not go beyond the lashline? When I have my eyes closed, you can’t even see the tattoo because it’s between each lash on the lashline, NOT above the lashline.

LOWER LASH TATTOO? :  Some of you may wonder why I didn’t get my lower lashline tattooed. I don’t ever put eyeliner on my lower lashline, so tattooing my lower lashline didn’t make sense to me. Also, I think a lined lower lash makes my eyes look smaller. I personally don’t recommend tattooing lower lashes. A dark lower lashline looks too dramatic for those days you want to just be bare face. Also, you never know if trends or your tastes will change. IF you are set on getting it done, maybe consider a dark brown for a softer look. Just a thought. 🙂

OVERALL THOUGHTS : I got my brows tattooed about 5 years ago its great to finally see that people are now comfortable with the idea and I don’t get the “you’re crazy” look anymore when I tell people I’ve had it done. Pretty soon, I’m sure eyeliner/tightliner tattoos will become popular and I’ll stop getting the “you’re crazy” look when I tell them I’ve had it done.

I hope this was helpful! I love sharing experiences and can’t wait to see your comments below! Please do me a favor and share, pin, and tweet this post. What do you think about eyeliner tattoos?

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  1. Linda
    March 11, 2017 / 6:36 am

    you have such beautiful skin and pretty eyes! What would you recommend to get rid of dark circles?

    • March 11, 2017 / 4:07 pm

      Thank you for visiting and your comment 🙂 For dark circles, the best thing is lots of sleep and water!!! To color correct, I would suggest this or this. Good luck. which concealer or color corrector are you currently using and loving?