Inkbox : BEST 2 Week Temporary Tattoo

Hello Lovelies! I’m so excited to review Inkbox, a 2 week temporary tattoo! It is the best temporary tattoo for adults! Image having the look of a real tattoo without having to commit for a lifetime! I personally love tattoos, but don’t have many because I can’t commit to them! Now with Inkbox, I can get tattoos and only have to commit for 2 weeks! Hooray! If you’re interested, I have my eyelash (eyeliner) and my eyebrows tattooed.

Here’s what Inkbox had to say about their tattoos: Inkbox tattoos work by sinking our patented formula into the top layer of your skin, which then reacts with organic compounds to change your skin’s colour dark blue/black. Our ink is safe for your skin, pain free and made from all natural ingredients. Traditional tattoos are permanent because they sit in your dermis. But inkbox tattoos sit in your epidermis and therefore only last 2-3 weeks, which is the natural regeneration time of your skin.
Prices start at about $19. Purchase HERE!

Below is the inkbox for my tattoo. I chose a quote: “wild hearts run free.” I chose this quote because I liked the quote and I also liked the size of the tattoo. Perfect for my forearm.

STEP 1: I’m a perfectionist, so I wanted my tattoo placed perfectly and evenly. I quickly realized I’d need to use markers to precisely place the inkbox. Take into consideration the direction and how the design is placed on the inbox. Be sure to start with clean dry skin. I chose to place a quote on my forearm.

TIP: Make sure to exfoliate and clean the skin. 

STEP 2: Peel the white backing, then stick the inkbox onto clean dry skin. Then peel off the black backing as shown below to reveal the ink pad.

TIP: For best results, don’t reposition the inkbox once it is placed on the skin. 

STEP 3: Seems complicated, but it’s not. Ready all the bullet points before starting. Get the cloth, gloves and wipe ready.

  • Cloth: Open a corner of the cloth packaging and microwave for 15 seconds.
  • Gloves + Wipe: Put on gloves, grab the wipe and dab the exposed blue inkbox.
    TIP: When dabbing with the wipe, don’t touch your skin or the white border. Wipe should only dab on the blue inkbox.
  • Press Down: Get the warmed cloth, fold in half and place on the inkbox. Use your palm and body weight to press down hard and HOLD for 30 seconds. Then, hold firm for 15 minutes (yes, 15 whole minutes) without lifting or moving the cloth. Be sure to distribute pressure evenly across the entire design. If you have a larger design and have to move your hands to apply pressure, do so by lifting just your palm but NOT disturbing the cloth.
    TIP: Be sure to select a comfortable position prior to getting to this step and press down. Do not use fingers because you won’t get an even distribution of pressure. Having a firm surface to press down on was helpful for my arm. Take short breaks if needed. Below is the photo after the 15 minutes. My arms were so tired!

STEP 4: After you’ve applied even pressure throughout the design for 15 minutes, remove the cloth and gently remove the inkbox SLOWLY.

TIP: When removing, make sure to have the inkbox stay low and peel slowly. 

STEP 5: Let air dry without touching for 5 minutes. Rinse gently with soap and water and pat dry. Below is a photo of how my tattoo looked after washed. Needless to say, I was concerned because I thought the tattoo did not take or that parts had not transferred properly since the design had a lot of small text. I tried not to worry about it too much and let the tattoo develop over the next 24-36 hours. I had to trust the process.

TIP: Don’t touch while drying and don’t scrub when rinsing. 

1 DAY LATER: I was very impressed.  It looked great! Every detail came through! No shine, just a natural look. No one would question if it was a ‘real’ tattoo.

Aftercare for long lasting results:

  1. Place the tattoo in an area that doesn’t come in contact with water, soap and exfoliators all the time. For example, hands are probably not the best place since it has frequent contact to water.
  2. Avoid exfoliating the area of the tattoo. You can apply Vaseline before showering to protect the tattoo.
  3. Keep moisturized and wear sunblock.

10 DAYS LATER: I loved the results and would do it again!

Here’s some other factors to consider:

  • If you want your tattoo to appear quicker then you can take a hot shower around 6-12 hours after application. You’ll notice a significant increase in your tattoos development.
  • Swimming won’t destroy your tattoo, though it may lessen the amount of time it lasts, especially if you’re swimming in salt water (it’s abrasive).
  • When sleeping the night after your application make sure to keep your tattooed area away from the rest of your body. For example, if you have a tattoo on your wrist and you sleep with your wrist under your head you will transfer the tattoo to your face! Washing the area before bed will help prevent this.
  • It’s generally best to avoid applying to an area of skin where you have noticeably deep grooves (ex: wrists and hands). The formula will naturally seep under the adhesive through these deep ridges, leading to some leakage.

Ew! How do I remove this quickly?! I hate how it looks! 

  • Exfoliate twice per day to accelerate its disappearance. Aggressively rubbing the tattoo with the tips of your fingers in the shower is also helpful. You should be able to get rid of it in 5-7 days.
  • If your tattoo is fading unevenly then you can use your thumb to rub the darker areas until the color looks even again. This is best done in the shower.

Overall thoughts:

My experience with Inkbox has been great. The tattoo looked real and looked great for almost the entire 2 weeks.  I loved that the tattoo only started to fade about 11 days in and faded quickly after this point. I also started exfoliating to get rid of it sooner from day 11.  Looked great for a solid 11 days and over the course of about 3 days the tattoo was gone.

The only challenging part was the pushing down on the cloth. 15 minutes is a LONG time to be applying hard even pressure on yourself. I’d recommend planning out how you plan to do this before starting the process. If you can have someone help you, that would be great.

Please let me know if you’ve tried Inkbox, or if you have other recommendations! I love hearing from you so please leave me a comment below or connect with me on social!

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